When it comes to doing business, collaboration is the key to success, and digital marketing is no exception. Yes, the individual effort can be powerful; but surrounding yourself with serious talent and sharing a singular goal is how lands are conquered and empires are forged!

In this article, we’re going to focus specifically on the deadly combination that creatives and tech heads make in the world of digital marketing.

A Ship Without Direction Is Driftwood In The Making

technical SEO

What is technical SEO? Think of the technical experts who work behind the scenes in digital marketing as shipwrights. They labor away, conjuring up new schematics and through trial and error, construct magnificent, sea-worthy ships capable of circumnavigating the earth with ease.

Sounds awesome, right?

Well, what good are these beautiful ships—these marvels of human ingenuity—if they have no one to guide them? All the technical effort that went into designing and constructing those ships will go to waste if they sail off aimlessly into the blue, absent any real plan of action.

Yes, there is always the miraculous possibility that by some wild turn of fate, the ship may chance upon undiscovered lands with untold riches. However, the reality is, the ship is bound to end up at the bottom of an unforgiving ocean.

On the other hand, when you fill that ship with a capable crew, a determined captain, and a single purpose; there’s no limit to what can be achieved.

The fun part? There are countless analogies that can be used in this situation: a gun without ammunition, exercise without a balanced diet, or diffusers without essential oils. They’re all practically useless without the other.

This is why technical SEO experts and creative minds work so wonderfully together. Here’s what it looks like in reality…

When Technical SEO And Creative Content Marketing Strategy Are Combined

Creative Content Marketing Strategy

A technically sound website looks like this:

  • Positioned for search intent: you know your product, you know your audience, and you know which keywords you can realistically rank for.
  • Audited by a technical expert

o   Correcting status code errors

o   Optimising robot.txt

o   Proper site indexing

o   Purposeful title tags and meta descriptions

o   People-first ‘SEO-optimised’ content

o   Regularly fixing broken links

o   Submitted XML sitemap.

  • Seamless UX (user experience): useful content, easy to navigate, smart internal linking, emotive design elements, highly accessible, credible and authoritative, genuinely valuable.
  • Mobile-first optimized: if your website doesn’t support mobile use, you’re losing tonnes of potential business.
  • Airtight core web vitals: fast page load speed, interactivity, and visual stability.
  • Rich Schema Markup: having short, concise, and engaging snippets show up in search results.
  • Broad and consistent link-building: other reputable sources point back to your website, essentially ‘voting’ to confirm your authenticity.
  • Tracking and analyzing data en masse: specifically targeting the 9 most valuable KPIs:

o   Customer lifetime value

o   Efficiency of content

o   Average engagement time

o   Conversion rates

o   Search accuracy

o   Brand visibility

o   New & returning website visitors

o   Average time spent on site per user

o   Revenue per average position.

A creative content marketing strategy looks like this:

Knowing your precise target audience: who needs your products and/or services?

Develop a perfect consumer profile and speak to them.

  • What problems do your prospective customers need solving: your ideal customer has a problem that needs solving; how can you communicate the fact that you are their ‘knight in shining armour?’
  • What is your USP: in order to cut through the noise and resonate with your audience, you must have a unique selling point. Why should they choose you above all else?
  • What content formats will resonate best with your audience: combine the power of written content, visual media (e.g., videos and infographics), and audio for the best results!
  • Which platforms will you use to publish your content: where is your ideal customer hanging out? Are they on Instagram? TikTok? LinkedIn? Pinterest? All of the above? A creative content marketing strategy requires knowing precisely which platforms will work best.
  • How will you manage your content creation: who is creating what? How often are you posting? Which times/days are bound to receive the most engagement? Which tools will you use to automate these processes as best as possible?

With all of this knowledge combined, and talented creatives to fill in the gaps, you will be a force to be reckoned with online!

Final Thoughts: “Oh The Places You’ll Go.”

There are a number of things you may have noticed both technical SEO and content creation have in common: research, intention, and precision.

When you have both aspects of SEO locked down, there’s no limit to what your brand and business can achieve!

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