In the first two quarters of 2023, Google’s ad revenue was $112.691 billion despite 600 million smartphones using ad blockers. 

This success highlights the effectiveness of Google Ads. Choosing the right Google Ads Agency can be tough.

Managing Google Ads demands time, effort, and energy.

Most businesses opt for PPC services to handle this.

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Moreover, keep reading if you want a more detailed look at this.

In this blog, we’ll explore key characteristics of a successful Google Ads Agency.

So, are you ready? Let’s start.

7 Key Traits Of Top Adwords Service Providers

A basic Google search will give you a plethora of options to choose from. However, success lies in choosing the right and eliminating the wrong.

1. Google Partner Certificate

It might seem basic, but it matters. Ensure they hold Google Partners status.

This means they meet Google’s criteria, including ad spend and client growth. Google Partners receive benefits like the Partner badge. This badge on your agency’s site signals:

  • Meeting Google’s ad spend requirements.
  • Achieving client revenue growth.
  • Expanding your client base.
  • Possessing Google Ads expertise.

Top Google Ads agencies display their certificates on their websites. If the website is not found, paste the link here to check their verification. The link provides information about the agency’s certifications, partnerships, and Google-certified offices.

2. Have You Chosen A Specialized Partner?

Specialized knowledge comes from working continuously in a particular field. For this reason, it is best to work with an agency that has mastered Google Ads for years.

Inquire about their industry expertise. While not mandatory, it’s a plus if they know your niche. They bring valuable marketing knowledge and relevant references. Ensure they don’t work with local competitors to avoid conflicts.

3. Transparency Throughout The Process

Google notes that most certified partners prioritize transparency. It’s a long-standing requirement, emphasizing the importance of Google Partner and individual certifications.

You should know your:

  • AdWords spending
  • Impressions

Google enforces these terms in agreements.

Non-certified agencies often lack transparency. You should access reports and essential metrics, including impressions, clickthrough rates, keywords, and account structure.

If you have questions about your spending, your agency should provide clear answers. Don’t hesitate to inquire about the information available to clients if you’re unsure.

4. Access To Creative Assets

There are a ton of PPC agencies that use a pay-per-lead model. They direct traffic to a shared landing page, generating leads. But, clients don’t receive the creative work behind it.

This benefits agencies but limits client independence. It works if you only want leads and stick with the same agency. But if you seek more control and future marketing, insist on access to the creative assets.

5. Contract Size Should Not Be Enforced

Some agencies opt for longer contracts because setting up a new client account demands time and resources. Most AdWords agencies start profiting after a few months into the campaign.

This setup may not suit clients, especially if the agency underperforms. Clients should have the freedom to choose. A focus on strong performance leads to a more stable relationship.

Pro tip: You might negotiate a three-month initial contract, switching to month-to-month later. The key is a mutually beneficial arrangement. If you’re dissatisfied, you should have the freedom to part ways.

6. Proven Track Record

The promises an agency makes are reflected in its work. So, the smart way to gauge their performance is to check for their past work.

Your agency must offer portfolios and case studies to prove their expertise. You need data to assess their experience and track record without doubt.

It’s vital to show consistent, long-term success, not just amazing results.

To validate their results, ask your agency for data like:

  • Anonymized campaign info.
  • Before-and-after results.

7. Result-Driven Process (Targeted for Revenue)

Your agency’s focus must be on increasing revenue. Many agencies prioritize impressions or clicks, but your agency should concentrate on…

converting those clicks into revenue.

Your agency should focus on:

Enhancing ad messaging, timing, targeting, and placement. Improving conversion rates through better copy, landing pages, and offers. Implementing analytics for tracking keywords, ad groups, and landing page performance. Conducting A/B and multivariate testing using analytics data to boost campaign performance.

Remember, Google ads are all about direct response. So, your agency should prioritize conversions and revenue. If they focus on anything else, they’re not the right fit.

Get The Best Results From Your Adwords Agency

Your agency needs a few things from you.

Observe closely initially, then trust them when they prove competence. Set measurable goals: Specify leads, conversion rates, and other requirements.

Avoid changing goals frequently, as it disrupts progress. Focus on website improvement and usability for better campaign results.

Use incentives to attract visitors and communicate breakeven costs. Quality products and services are crucial for successful conversions.

Allow your agency to make decisions, specify a point of contact, and establish communication expectations. Communicate your desired communication frequency with the agency.

That’s all there is to it. Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions!

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