The use of AI in various aspects of our work life has become commonplace now. They have evolved so much that they can now converse with us like normal human beings.

Therefore, it was inevitable that businesses would soon start using conversational AI to automate repetitive tasks – especially in customer support.

The use of AI in providing customer care is now being adopted by 77% of all digital businesses. They have fundamentally changed the way customer service is carried out to maximize the customer experience. In addition, Gartner says that its use has almost reduced customer service labor costs globally by $80 million!

Therefore, do you want your organization to provide the best customer service and experience by using conversational AI? Read this post to find out how you can do so to get the best customer satisfaction score!

How Does Conversational AI Work?

Conversational AI, as the name suggests, is an AI chatbot with whom one can chat by asking questions. It’s a complex set of codes and programs, which we refer to as Natural Language Processing (NLP). Therefore, this AI chatbot can understand human language and converse with us.

In addition, it also learns human language by learning the use of new words and phrases. Conversely, the programmers who created the AI can also feed it swathes of information to help it understand human language. Therefore, this allows it to understand us without ever interacting with us.

Moreover, along with NLP, conversational AI makes use of Machine Learning (ML). Therefore, whenever the AI chatbot interacts with humans, it will store the entire conversation for future reference.

This allows it to learn new words, phrases, and dialects on its own.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Conversational AI?

When it comes to a business, conversational AI can help them out in a lot of ways. Therefore, it depends on how the business has been able to deploy the use of AI.

However, most entrepreneurs have found three main benefits of deploying the use of AI, especially in customer relationship marketing.

1. It Is Available 24/7

The first and most significant benefit of using a conversational AI is that it’s a set of codes. Therefore, it’s available 24/7, as long you have a computer or smartphone along with internet connectivity.

Just open the app or customer service helpline, give it a call or a query, and you will get your answers immediately!

The only thing you need to deploy a conversational AI for your business is the AI program itself. In addition, it also requires a powerful server to help you host it and be ready for deployment whenever needed.

2. You Don’t Need To Pay For Additional Human Labor

Coming from the point above, a conversational AI tool undoubtedly helps lower human effort. Therefore, you don’t need to hire additional people to do the job. All you need is a few capable employees who know how to use and operate the AI tool.

Moreover, this benefit is only from the perspective of the businesses. From the perspective of a regular salaryman, it will feel like AI will take over their jobs.

However, since we are discussing the use of conversational AI by businesses to enhance customer experience, its use is beneficial.

3. Get Repetitive Tasks Done Instantly

One of the main reasons why we started developing AI tools is to get repetitive tasks done quickly. This is because using an AI tool lets you get the task done error-free in the least time possible. 

Now, when it comes to providing customer support, using an AI chatbot to automate conversations is the next logical step.

Instead of you explaining to the customers the solutions to the same problem over and over again, why not let an AI do it over and over again without getting tired?

3. It Can Provide Actionable Analytical Insights

One of the oft-undermined features of conversational AI is its ability to record and store information. Whenever the AI converses with anyone, it records the conversation.

Therefore, the operators of this AI have full access to this data, which they can extract anytime. Extracting this data can help them analyze various customer pain points. This will let them find out ways in which they can remove these customer grievances.

Moreover, you can program your conversational AI with analytical insight paired with advanced machine learning and NLP. This will help you directly let the AI analyze its conversations and identify customer pain points by itself!

Conversational AI: How Can It Enhance Customer Support And Experience?

Ever since businesses converted to the use of conversational AI, it has been a boon to them. Every business that uses conversational AI has experienced significant growth when it comes to providing better customer support.

But how?

Businesses so far have been reliant on two main types of conversational AI in customer support to enhance customer experience. They are:

1. AI Chatbots

AI chatbots are the first type of conversational AI that businesses have started to use. In this type of conversational AI, you get to converse with it when you ask for customer support from websites. Therefore, you type in your question, and it will generate an answer for you instantly.

However, AI chatbots here can be of two types:

  • Rule-based chatbots: Many websites still follow this previous generation of AI chatbots. Here, the AI chatbot will only respond to specific queries from a list you have to choose from.
  • Conversational AI chatbots: These are the modern conversational AI chatbots that you would wish to use (or even converse with). They are versatile enough to answer any query you have since they are advanced enough to understand human language.

We recommend you use conversational AI platforms like Meta’s Llama 2 or the ChatGPT API. Just ensure it’s fed enough data. This will allow it to recognize and address whatever query your customers might have.

2. AI Voice Assistants

How many times in a day do you say, “Hey Siri” or “Hey Alexa?” Since most smartphones make use of voice assistants, it’s no surprise that they are AI chatbots.

These conversational AI chatbots use ML and NLP to understand human speech and respond accordingly. Moreover, they can respond to us in the same way we do. It does so by understanding our dialect as well!

Call centers mostly deploy these conversational AI chatbots to help customers with their queries over the phone.

Therefore, if your business caters to customer service over calls, then a conversational AI chatbot is what you need.


Therefore, from the examples above, your business needs a conversational AI chatbot in place to maximize your customers’ experience.

If you can feed it the right amount of data, it will automatically be able to answer all your customers’ needs swiftly.

So are you ready to use AI chatbots for your business? If you need help making the transition, let me know in the comments below, and we will help you out!

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