If you work as a content writer, there is a good chance that you aren’t too excited about this whole new artificial intelligence thing replacing human writers.

After all, which employer wouldn’t want a computer being able to write 1,000 articles per day when you hardly even manage to write two? Plus, they don’t get to pay a salary as it’s not an actual human right.

Seems too good to be true? Well, it actually is. Digital marketing is going through a major revolution, and the content writers in SEO article writing services are anxious that they will be left jobless sooner or later.

Remember when e-books came out for the first time, and the whole world thought they would replace actual books? None of it happened!

Therefore, if you are working in the digital marketing domain and wondering whether the evolution of artificial intelligence will influence the future of SEO and content writing, keep reading!

Can AI Replace Human Writers?

AI can never replace human writers unless it learns to become – artistic, which is something that only the human mind and soul possess, and in essence – is born with it and not taught. AI comes from science, and writing is an art; thus, don’t be worried about the future of SEO and content writing.

There are various ways in which AI can help writers improve their writing skills and speed up the creation process; however, as that old proverb says – “the devil is in the details”.

Human Writers Aren’t Going Anywhere – Why AI Can Never Replace Content Writers

Human Writers

1. AI can never replicate the human mind’s essence

The human mind is the most obscure thing to ever exist. No one knows what it is, even after many decades of scientific research.

Creativity comes from the mind, and AI is only a fragment of the mind. It was created by it and can never replace fully since we don’t know the entire constitution of the mind itself. It’s just impossible for artificial intelligence to capture the mind’s essence.

There is no natural sense of love, wonder, awe, or humor. How do you program an emotion? Digitally not possible. Humans are more analog than digital.

Computers can deceive because they are incredibly fast and mimic human intelligence, doing millions of operations per second. However, no matter how advanced artificial intelligence gets, there will always be something that will make it inferior to the human brain – authenticity.

2. AI is just a socially-inept writer and lacks sophistication

AI is just like McDonald’s; what you get never looks like on the menu. It asks you to enter word count, topic, category, and target keywords, and you’ll have the final output in milliseconds. However, the problems appear when it gets out into the real world among humans that look to read topics that make sense.

Sort of like printed art. Looking at it from afar, it seems just like a picture made by a talented painter, but when you come close, you notice that it’s not at all majestic; instead, it’s just flat, with no brushstrokes, dots of ink, or anything pointing to hours and hours of hard work.

AI lacks sophistication; it doesn’t know where to add culturally on-point flavor, something like a song reference, a quote from an episode of Friends, or the swag of a Brooklyn native.

3. AI-generated content will have a lot of ethically gray areas

Computer-generated content doesn’t work in the content writing category of fiction or poetry, where you need to “show rather than tell”. The AI tools lack the linguistic tools common in poetry and regional dialect understanding.

Journalism will face a lot of ethically gray areas because there won’t be independent thoughts, just a summary of other people’s opinions. It’s impossible to create a new standing point as it has no ego and no driving force to be identified as a contribution to society.

4. Marketing agencies place value on human-created art

While there is no doubt that AI is the future of SEO and content writing services, as it can help writers speed up their work process, becoming completely reliant on AI will make marketing agencies lose quality clients.

Human-created work of art is worth a premium. True aesthetes seek to experience other people’s emotions to feel a connection. This will never change, no matter how advanced AI gets.

Nothing will be more wonderful than finding someone’s words completely describing your thoughts and observing people’s reactions in galleries or public readings.

True marketing agencies like CLICKVISION involve much more than simply generating text. It requires an in-depth understanding of the brand, the target audience, and the marketing goals.

While these text generators might change the craft of text creation, forcing authorship to create something deeper, there is no possible way to replace the best human writers, as writing is about creating and exploring something profound.

5. Some AI software is limited to a certain timeframe

The GPT3 is one of the most advanced artificial intelligence writing services at the present moment. It’s a basic piece of technology working as an open source, instantly scouring information from millions of pages on the Internet from various categories.

However, the problem is that it comes with particular time limitations on data up until 2020. If you are creating content around newer events, you’ll have difficulty staying relevant.

6. Using AI will be an expensive decision in the long run

Thinking that implementing artificial intelligence software requires just setting up the program and leaving it to navigate all by itself is not how it works in reality.

Suppose you are promoting affordable article-writing services instead of paying content writers. In that case, you’ll need to hire professional developers and data engineers so that they will track and manage the work. This can be a much more expensive decision in the long run.

It’s not just about grammatical correctives; writing is complex and includes creativity, logic, style, and empathy. There is so much behind the well-structured sentences that make the readers engage with the content.

How Can AI Be Content Writers’ Best Assistant?

AI Be Content Writers' Best Assistant

A. AI can help writers speed up the creation process

Writing itself is an art. Artificial intelligence lacks the creativity and empathy we humans pour into our work. The color and human-centric traits create a bond between the readers and the written word; the computer doesn’t get to survive anything.

While it’s not likely for AI to fully replace content writers, it can be observed from a perspective to become an especially useful assisting resource. The combination of these two will certainly bring meticulous results.

For example, it can help you deliver more engaging headlines out of existing ones or generate multiple articles or pages from a single piece of content with slight changes. This way, you can create more content quickly and develop your writing ideas, bringing them to a much better realization.

B. AI can replace low-quality copywriting but never high-end writing

There is a great chance that social media copywriting will be replaced by AI as the majority of the posts are low quality that is created for the sale of having something posted, e.g., fast food, financial reports, weather, etc. Still, these types of posts would need editors to proofread.

On the other hand, content writers will have more time to focus on sourcing and creating more high-quality content that requires original insights and real-life experience. For this purpose, AI can never deliver results that require a human sense.

C. AI can help writers reach quantity over a limited period of time

The primary goal of AI development wasn’t to replace human writers in SEO content writing services; it was intended to help them enhance their productivity. AI can help human writers create a large number of articles on the same topics, with each one being unique.

Instead of wasting time and researching every fact, AI can help human writers catch up with tasks on time by researching the facts and information in a matter of seconds, allowing them to focus on the finesse.

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