This provider ain’t cheap, but the broadband perks and speeds are worth a shot as well as cost. I live in a city where Google Fiber is available; before I signed up for the service, I had a lot of questions and therefore did my research on Google Fiber Outage. I found out the reviews; therefore, I thought of letting people know what Google Fiber Outage Service is all about.

Value does not mean cheap internet; rather, Google Fiber has one of the highest starting prices of any reputed ISP. You get exactly what you paid for; the speed is 1,000 megabytes per second. To make customers happy, they offer unlimited data as well as no contractual settlements. They also have free equipment rental and a justified premium.

In this article, I will be giving you the reviews it recently had, and also many other aspects of Google Fiber down. If you are interested in Google Fiber Outage and are thinking about taking the service. You must go through this article first and then decide what you should do.

What Is Google Fiber?

What Is Google Fiber

In this section, we will be looking at the history of Google fiber, where it has come from, and what shape it is currently taking.

It was first announced in the year 2010; it brought gigabit internet in cities and towns around the US. At present, there are 10 states where Google Fiber is available, in addition to another seven states where the high-speed internet is delivered by Webpass (2016). Fiber is a good technology trail as well as an alphabet that is surely not planning to make this a huge part of its business.

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Google Fiber Outage Service Review – Why Is Google Fiber Down?

Why Is Google Fiber Down

When something like Google goes down, people go crazy and start to look for solutions for fixing it, and updates. They even go bonkers on social media. Why won’t we? Google is all we have to laugh, to cry. There are Google services such as Mail, Drive, Meet, and Hang Outs that have been experienced downtown.

It is Google’s fault; I must say because it has shown us that wasting time and getting results quickly is what should be everybody’s motto. Now when they fail to stick to their own moto, the frustrated users report the outage everywhere. The website takes action accordingly by capturing the complaints.

Incident Timeline – Google Fiber Outage

Experts had monitored various Google services like Meet, Mail, Calendar, and many more. Log in to Google got the impacted and therefore users did not have access to any of the services Google provides.

The expert team got their first alert on 24 september 2020. Soon the downtime was detected across all the nodes and Google itself reported the issue shortly after that. The outrage was everywhere, the impact was seen in Bengaluru, Los Angeles, Boston and New York. The issues that were seen by the users can be put under two groups.

  1. The server said there were 502 errors.
  2. Connection timeout towards the server and high latency.

Experts mentioned what they saw when they took a look at the server IP breakdown, they saw certain IP ranges that were very badly impacted. The interesting part of the case solving scenario was that during the outage some of the servers historically served a few of the cities and did not get any kind of requests when the outage happened.

During the outage, there was packet loss at the Google AS.

How Does Google Fiber Work?

How Does Google Fiber Work

There are two parts of the Google Fiber program, the first is Google Fiber itself, and the second one is Webpass. Google Fiber has gigabit internet infrastructure, which is built and managed by Alphabet. Alphabet is the parent company of Google, just a did you know fact for you if you already do not know this. Fiber-optic broadband is known as Fiber to the node or Fiber to the cabinet.

Traditional copper wire is run from the cabinet to various buildings of the area. Therefore the data transfer speed does not work well as the copper cannot handle the likely bandwidth as fiber optic does. So, the further the premises are, the greater the latency becomes in the cabinet.

Google Fiber uses Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) infrastructure. FTTP is also known as Fiber to the home or Fiber to the building. It offers its service through Fiber optic cables all the way to homes and buildings.

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Google Fiber Outages Controversy

Google Fiber Outages Controversy 

From the year 2016, Google Fiber started seeing its downfall. According to the information, Google expected to attract 5 million users by the end of 2017, but by the end of 2014, it could only attract 200,000 users in total. Therefore the plan of attracting users was a failure.

The amount Google had to spend for installing Fiber infrastructure got combined with ROI, because of the lower results than expected subscription numbers. Therefore Google Fiber was proving a more costly project than anticipated. 

By the beginning of July 2016, Larry Paige, CEO of Alphabet, had a discussion with the head of Google Fiber, Craig Barratt. He asked to eliminate 50% of the team. Soon after, he left the position. In the year 2017, Bloomberg reported that Google has been canceling installations in Kansas City.

Alphabet took charge and started with the infrastructure in a quick and cheap way. Then reports came in saying that within a couple of months cables started to come out of their trenches and stayed exposed on the road. In April Google Fiber reached an agreement with the city that they will pay 4 million dollars to fix the cables.

For now, Google Fiber is focusing on its left hubs rather than putting effort into building the infrastructure in new locations. In a blog post, they announced plans to pull out of Louisville.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Does Google Fiber Slow Down?

One of the greatest Google Fiber Problems is Google fiber slow down. Google Fiber delivers lightning-fast network connections through connected devices. However, there are a few circumstances that might cause your network speeds to drop.

Q2. Google Fiber Outage Kansas City

Google Fiber Outage Kansas City can be heard frequently. But contacting their customer service can easily solve your problem. You will find their toll-free number here.

Q3. Why Is My Google Fiber Blinking Orange?

Google fiber blinking orange light indicates that your Wifi hotspot is not connected to the internet. Check to see whether your ethernet wire is correctly connected to your main Wifi point and router.

Wrapping It All Up

There you go with Google Fiber Outage Service Review [Updated 2022]. We talked about the reviews about it and also gave some additional information on Google Fiber Outage. I hope if your Google Fiber is down you, it will be easier for you to handle the issue.

Leave a comment in the comment section and post doubts if you have any, and we will try to come up with relevant answers.

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