Snapchat is a fun platform, and there is no end to how much you can do with it. Sharing snaps, videos, and videos are some of the fun things you can do On Snapchat. But, there is a massive number of people who love to share different stories. Especially private story names.

Snapchat allows users to share three different types of stories. You can add a public story that people can see from the Snap Map area. Then there are the normal stories that only your friends can see. 

But, one interesting part of adding stories is through the Private story section. This section allows you to choose who can see your stories and who cannot. Users like the idea of giving their Private Story a funky, cool, savage, or cute name. If you are looking for private story name ideas, then you are in the right spot. In this article, I have listed the best private story names for Snapchat.

Best Private Story Names For Your Snapchat Private Story

private story names

Here, I have listed so many private story name suggestions you might be looking for. No, I have not listed them in the same list. I have listed them in different groups based on your tastes.

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Cool Private Story Names

private story names
  1. Cool like a Cucumber
  2. Smooth like a Skywalker
  3. Just another cool day
  4. Just Chilling
  5. Break the rules
  6. God tier 
  7. Highway to hell
  8. Feeling like a king
  9. Sunshine in my soul
  10. Meme Machine
  11. I know I’m cool
  12. Just living the moment
  13. Umm chile anyways so
  14. You can’t sit with us
  15. Backstage babies
  16. P.O.V.: You’re my therapist
  17. For the real O.G.’s
  18. Teens Inc.
  19. Aloha beaches!
  20. People I tolerate…
  21. Cool name loading…
  22. Cool story, bro
  23. Just keep it cool
  24. Smile like it’s your birthday
  25. I’m so basic
  26. Snapchat king/queen
  27. Laugh out Loud
  28. It’s the time to disco

Funny Private Story Names

private story names
  1. Funny Frankenstein
  2. Funny Friday
  3. Its shortie time
  4. P.H.D. at F.U.N
  5. Jim Carrey Junior
  6. Come for the real fun
  7. Laughing Lollipop
  8. Beef with the chief
  9. Bouncing baboons
  10. The Joke Guru
  11. Hands up, F.B.I.!
  12. Snap attack
  13. Problematic Pirates 
  14. Funny Bunny
  15. I’m crazy & I know it
  16. Who’s ready for some funny jokes
  17. No one’s funnier than me
  18. Dorky diaries
  19. Titanic dance team
  20. C.E.O. of Humor
  21. Dora meets Obama
  22. Funsters in making
  23. Ticket to Humorland
  24. Eenie Meenie

Christmas Private Story Names 

private story names
  1. Merry X-Mas
  2. Winter is coming
  3. Santa Claus is coming to town
  4. Love for Snow
  5. Jingle Bells
  6. Winter in My heart 
  7. Snow Cones
  8. Snow Castles 
  9. Can’t wait for Christmas
  10. Christmas Candies
  11. Santa’s Naughty List
  12. Sweet like Christmas 
  13. Oh, Deer!
  14. Berrylicious cake’
  15. Hear the Christmas bells ringing!
  16. Christmas Party
  17. Santa’s favorite this Christmas
  18. Christmas Tree
  19. A season to remember
  20. Santa from Siberia 
  21. Christmas Socks 
  22. Holy Snow
  23. Carols on the go
  24. Santa’s Socks
  25. Gifts and presents
  26. Winterland
  27. Find me at the Mistletoe

Amazing Private Story Names 

private story names
  1. Escape from the Reality
  2. Wake up to reality
  3. Living the best life
  4. Bed, bath & beyond
  5. I have the high ground 
  6. Among Us
  7. Create your own magic
  8. Don’t @ me
  9. I am Groot 
  10. Life’s a war; days are battles
  11. Homie Depot
  12. Star in the making
  13. Monday Blues
  14. 50 Shades of Me 
  15. Bucky Is Alive
  16. Monotonous Monday 
  17. Simp Nation
  18. Peace out bro
  19. Avengers, Assemble 
  20. Life is beautiful
  21. Child of destiny
  22. Love runs blind 
  23. Circle of Trust
  24. Begin Again
  25. Chill pill
  26. Promiscuous porcupine 
  27. Love Actually
  28. My Crazy Life
  29. I’m Just the Camera
  30. My Day with the Kids
  31. Out of your league
  32. Hello, My Soul Mate

Savage Private Story Names

  1. 50% Savage, 50% Sweet
  2. Witness an epic story of my life
  3. I’m a unicorn with wings
  4. Hello, fellow Snapchatters
  5. The world is my catwalk
  6. I’m a social butterfly
  7. Jack Sparrow of <your town>
  8. I’m a real live wire
  9. A tint of black and white
  10. Giving a damn
  11. A mix of jam & ketchup
  12. I know I look good; just sayin’
  13. I make the ice cream melt
  14. All Fax, No Printer
  15. No haters, Only Fans 😜
  16. Dare me to be your favorite?
  17. Chamber of secrets 🐍
  18. I’m the queen of awesome
  19. Gang Gang Gang Gang
  20. My smile’s contagious
  21. Sir Dabs, a lot
  22. The <Your Name> Show
  23. Snack Reviewer
  24. I’m so on-trend; it’s scary

Cute Private Story Names 

  1. Cute, like a cartoon
  2. Cadbury Cupcake 
  3. Keeping up with the <your last name>s 
  4. Drama Queen
  5. Nonaesthetic photo dump 
  6. Favorites 
  7. Gossip girl
  8. Invite Only
  9. The inside scoop
  10. V.I.P. Passes
  11. & That’s The Tea
  12. Bloopers
  13. Diary of a Simpy Kid

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is not easy to come up with good private story names is not easy. I have listed some of the best recommendations you can look up on the internet. Here are some popular questions related to the same. 

What Are Some Good Names For Snapchat?

Ans: Here are some good names for Snapchat –
@ nashvillemama.
@ two_of_a_kind.
@ voteforme.
@ sweetandsalty.
@ missneverleavesthehouse.
@ homegoods_is_my_life.
@ mayorofmyhouse.

What Is The Default Private Story Name?

Ans: When you create a private story, Snapchat sets your name as the private story of your Snapchat account. It may appear as “Ronnie’s Private Story.”

What Can I Rename My Private Story?

Ans: Do you want to rename your private story? Here are the steps you have to follow –
To edit a private story, you will have to 
1. Press the profile button 
2. Now press the settings button (look for three vertical dots) 
3. Finally, select “Story settings.” 
4. From here, you can rename the story, delete your snaps, and add friends to the story. 

Final Words

Snapchat can be super fun for users. All of us love to add some cool, funny, creative, or savage names to our Snapchat story names. Here are some of the best suggestions you were looking for on the internet. If you are looking for such suggestions, you can choose any private story name from the list I have given in this article.

I think this article was helpful. If you want any further assistance related to Snapchat, you can comment below. We will answer them as soon as possible.

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