Internet browsers have become a necessity nowadays. Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers that retains more than 32% of the global market share for web browsers in 2020. However, there are also various pros and cons of Google Chrome that you should know in 2021.

As the name of this web browser implies that it is created by Google and is well known for its simplistic and minimalistic design. This fastest web browser is popular all over the world, and it is first introduced in the year 2008

After Google Chrome, some of the other famous browsers are Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and much more. These browsers are also used but in a small number. Therefore, now let’s proceed to know about the pros and cons of Google Chrome in detail. 

Features Of Google Chrome In 2021

The top features of Google Chrome that can surely attract your attention are as follow:

  • This web browser is easy to use.
  • Fastest and most secure web browsers.
  • Introduced by Google. 
  • It provides Search Google in the bar. 
  • It provides automated changes that are required to assure that safety is reviewed. 
  • Web pages can be accessed very easily.
  • The interface is simple and easy to use.
  • All easy to understand features.

Pros Of Google Chrome

The design of Google Chrome is very attractive and it draws every internet user to use their web browser without any worries. Now, let’s discuss the top pros of Google Chrome in 2021.

i). Fast

One of the fastest web browsers on the internet is Google Chrome. There are several websites that take a huge time to load, but Google Chrome has solutions to all issues. The websites with a high loading time on other browsers instantly load on Google Chrome and this is one of the top advantages of this browser. 

ii). Incognito

This is one of the best features of Google Chrome. It is much like a private browser that you can use with other normal tabs at the same time. This feature is one of the advantages of using Google Chrome. 

iii). Developer Tools

You can view elements of the website you visit and this can be very helpful if you are a blogger. With developer tools, you also get some other tools that are very helpful to you. 

iv). Extensions

Extensions are very useful for several purposes. You can get the same in a single place which is the Extension tab. Moreover, plugins are also included with extensions and this can add value to your work. 

v). Customizable

With the help of the extensions, you can upload your own theme to Google. You can also create your own custom theme and easily upload it to this web browser. Therefore, overall the features of Google Chrome are very customizable and easy to use.

vi). Safe And Secure

This is one of the key advantages of using Google Chrome, i.e., it is very safe and secure. As soon as you connect to the internet, Chrome will auto-update to the latest technology.

Chrome automatically blocks dangerous and malicious sites and also helps to delete malware that affects your browser. 

Cons Of Google Chrome

You must know the pros and cons of Google Chrome before using this web browser. Do you know that Google Chrome ends up consuming more of your computer’s memory? Yes, it is true. Now, let’s begin with more cons of Google Chrome in 2021.

i). Changing Default Browser

Google is the only default browser in Chrome OS. On macOS and Windows, you need to change the default browser from Safari and Edge to Chrome. However, even doing this, your issue may not be solved completely. So, you must have more browsers on your computer to solve the same issue.

ii). Limited Customization And Options

Another disadvantage of Chrome is that it does not allow certain customization and options like other browsers. Chrome will warn you whenever you close a browser window with multiple tabs. Also, it has less customization for new tab pages. 

iii). High Memory And CPU Usage

One of the biggest cons of Google Chrome is that it consumes more RAM and CPU as compared to other browsers. This can impact the use of other apps on your computer at the same time. 

iv). Privacy Concerns With Google Tracking

Google has the ability to access your data and track you. This web browser is very popular for privacy-related issues and it has been fined by European countries several times for processing data without the user’s concern. 


1.Which One Is The Safest Browser?

Every time there is a chance of hacking. And when you are browsing something from your PC, some websites keep tracking your activity through the cookies. So how can you distinguish between safe and threatened browsers?

Let’s have a look at the list of most secure browsers and keep the hackers away.

  1. Everyone’s favorite the Google Chrome
  2. The Robust Firefox for more security and is well-performing.
  3. Chromium is the open-source version of Google Chrome.
  4. HTTP encrypted script blocker Brave

2.Using Google Chrome Is Safe?

Still, in 2021, google is addressing as the most secure browser in the world. This is because the technology of these browsers is keeping updated. And when you are using this browser, you can easily keep away the potential threats of the website and hacker’s threats. The browser’s own security protection is so strong that this is one of people’s favorite browsers.

3.Chrome And Google Are They Same?

No, these two are not the same. But both are working for google searching. If you do not have chrome, only google; therefore, you can browse with security. Chrome is working as the stock browser for android devices. So for secure browsing enjoyment, one of them is enough.

Closing Thoughts

Google Chrome is one of the fastest web browsers, but there are many drawbacks that you know in 2021. The above listed are some of the top pros and cons of Google Chrome that you have come across in this blog, and you can share the same with your closed ones.

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