Customer success operations is an innovation in the world of B2B. However, it doesn’t mean that companies can’t benefit from applying this type of strategy. Moreover, according to statistics, only 37% of businesses don’t have an outlined customer success strategy.

So, as the tendency to apply these efforts across organizations grows, why would you ski on the opportunity to learn more about it yourself? Especially since an operation department is a crucial part of any company that provides opportunities for up-scaling, gaining direction, and stability.

Customer Success Ops: Definition

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So, what is customer success exactly? And what does the operation department do? Basically, they streamline the consumer-facing team so that they work as efficiently as possible. By tracking the right KPIs they then can then support operations, identify problems, and develop more efficient programs and strategies.

Customer success ops and managers provide tools and tactics for the teams and are generally responsible for the coordination, implementation, and analysis of the structures of the specific organization. However, if dig deeper, you can see that these specialists take an active part in many other customer success-related areas, such as:

  • Training and certification
  • CRM system monitoring
  • Collection of useful information
  • and the main one – handling the general Customer Success Platform.

Main KPIs of Customer Success

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We mentioned that monitoring the appropriate KPIs teams in customer success operations role can help the development of your company. However, there are too many important factors that need to be considered. So, here’s the list of those indexes that are definitely important to keep an eye on:

  1. Onboarding quality
  2. Active users (daily, weekly)
  3. Metrics that reflect specific product features
  4. Expansion and Renewal
  5. Net Growth
  6. Win rate
  7. Spent resources and time

Customer Success Operations Best Practices

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It’s hard to find the most effective strategy. Especially when it’s a new thing in the business sphere in general. However, we have gathered three practices, that were proven to be the most useful for the organization of the customer success operations.

1. Put the custom in the center of everyone’s attention

Customer success can only be reached through team effort. You can’t just give all the customers to one specific person and be sure that they will handle all of them.

Of course, you will need a leader who will organize the units of your CS initiative. This way your CS department will be able to properly concentrate on the customers, while still not losing any time to talk out some small routines.

2. Implement modernization of user experience (both for clients and employees)

We live in the age of digitalization. So go ahead and use the power of technology to your benefit.

Optimize your software so it will be more manageable and easy to understand. Both your employees and your customers don’t have all that time to figure out which button to press to get what they need.

3. Outline the roadmap for the CS ops

The most important part of implementing a new department or strategy is planning. Even when you turn to ecommerce customer service outsourcing you need to arrange everything in advance. It’s essential to know the steps that are needed for ensuring customer success.

You should carefully plan out the timeline, concentrate on main milestones, and identify key objective of your CS journey. And don’t forget to include the required resources in your plan as well.

The Advantages of Incorporating Customer Success Operations

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There’s no way that an initiative that has “customer success” in its name wouldn’t be useful for your business. Besides some obvious organizational benefits, customer success strategy and operations can bring other profits.

Improvement of Team Performance

Customer success teams can handle various tasks and still be working towards that one goal. With the deeper understanding of the essential metrics, together CS ops can boost the working process by building and applying the right strategies.

Scaling Team Processes

First of all, your CS team can deal with much more customers, especially when divided into units. Secondly, they ensure that all the programs and tools are used to their maximum capacity and efficiency. As such, they can quickly identify and address arising issues in the most effective way.

Increasing Performance Visibility

By implementing thorough analysis (which is a part of customer success responsibilities), customer support operations can give a more detailed view of the business outcomes. Their reports can be used to identify areas for improvement and growth. Besides, this can also enhance the transparency of your company and, as the result, build closer more trustworthy relationships with customers.


Now you know the most important details about customer success operations best practices. Hopefully, you will be able to get an idea of how to incorporate such an initiative into your own organizational process. If not, no worries. You can always find professionals ready to give their helping hand and advice. Just don’t hesitate to search for assistance when you need it.




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