Did you know that close to 60% of people surveyed said grammar mistakes and typos would make them avoid giving a company their business?

This should be a wake-up call that you can’t half-step when it comes to your sales copywriting. Strong writing can be a difference-maker for your marketing, but you have to learn the art of irresistible sales copy.

Keep reading to learn how to write sales copy that generates dollars.

Learn Why Sales Copy Is So Important

For starters, you have to study sales copy to understand its benefits and how it can serve your company’s needs. Here are some advantages of well-written sales copy:

  • It creates an emotional response with your readers
  • Writing allows you to explain features and details in-depth
  • You can prompt customers to take action that leads to sales
  • Quality sales copy strengthens your brand awareness
  • The pressure is off and people can read it in their own time

Check out some copywriting examples so that you can get a headstart learning what works and how you can capture your company’s voice in each paragraph.

Set Your Goals and Intent Upfront

To write killer sales copy, you have to go into the process with clear goals. Each campaign should have measurable outcomes you can check on, such as seeking a sale or booking a consultation.

Knowing your goal will dictate the subject matter of the letter. For instance, a company trying to get consumers to buy Gala will need to understand the barriers that are preventing people from currently investing.

Study each goal and work on your persuasive writing so that you can overcome these barriers.

Study the Format

Your writing will be different depending on the format. For instance, direct mail marketing skews older, so you’re more likely to use traditional letter formats and styles.

Social media copy is informal, and the style will change depending on the outlet. Twitter requires you to be concise and direct, while Facebook lends itself to lengthier posts.

The tone and style of your blog will depend on your company and the nature of your target demographic. Learn what people are looking for and deliver it in a way that is appropriate based on the format.

Use the Right Word and Sentence Choices

A single language or sentence choice can go a long way. Dedicate yourself to writing sales copy that is actionable, exciting, and accurate to the feeling you’re trying to convey. Start sentences with verbs and use transitional phrases.

Always run your sales copy through plagiarism, spelling, and grammar checks. You can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that can help you continuously hone your voice and express yourself in a way that customers will appreciate.

Get the Most From Your Sales Copy

Sales copy can be a difference-maker for your business. When you consider the points above, you’re well on your way to mastering this art one piece at a time.

Dedicate yourself just as thoroughly to any aspect of marketing that you use in your company. Begin with these tips and check out our other articles related to business and advertising.

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