On 16th August, Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller Tweeted,

“lots of SEOs and sites produce terrible content that’s not worth indexing,” to someone complaining about his content not being indexed. He further added, “Just because it exists doesn’t mean it’s useful to users.”

It is true that most of the content published on Google is not worth reading. But most SEO experts and even website owners won’t agree that their work is bad, if not terrible. Many content writers, even SEO experts, won’t even know whether their content is bad.

We all know that indexing your content and your website is important. Google won’t index any content or website that has bad or terrible content for the users. But as seen repeatedly, indexing is not an absolute necessity for websites or even content.

As explained by Google, there is a way around indexing your content, and the easiest way is to produce good content. If you start producing readable content, then Google will notice that and index your content automatically. 

But although being good content, it’s not indexed; there might be some technical issues. Or Google might think your content is not worthwhile indexing.

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