Google, over the last few years, has been losing its reputation. Starting from accepting the Chinese Sensors to compromising large quantities of personal information, it has proved its operational inefficiency. 

Hence a large number of significant Google users are looking for search engine alternatives all around. You must have heard about the Yippy search engine a long time ago and don’t know their proper usage or the features.

In this article, we are going to several questions from users like you about this search engine. Here are some queries that we would respond to:

  • What is a Yippy search engine?
  • How Did Yippy Work?
  • What Were The Primary Characteristics Of Yippy Search Engine?
  • Was Yippy Safe To Use? 

What Is Yippy Search Engine?

Yippy is one of the metasearch engines available on the planet. The first and foremost characteristic of yippee is that it groups the search results against and input small clusters. Originally Vivisimo developed and released it with the name ‘Clusty’ in 2004.

Later, when IBM acquired Vivisimo, Yippy was sold to a new business – Yippy, Inc in 2010. During that time, the search engine used to make near about 100000 visitors per month.  

From April 2021, its site has begun redirecting to the site of DuckDuckGo. It means that the Yippy search engine is no longer active now. However, the destiny of the once-famous search engine is of grave concern now. 

How Did Yippy Work?

Yippy offered business clients unique search-related services, including a quick, straightforward search through heaps of data. As a result, the company’s services and operations were in high demand among data mining companies. 

If you are a business analyst or a data scientist, we hope you can relate this issue to yourself. However, it is nearly impossible to mine data with a simple Google front end. Thus, the need for a search engine like this always prevails. 

So extraction of valuable insights from multiple sectors such as medical, scientific, or retail data was easier using this. Nonetheless, Yippy was neither a Google search alternative nor a tool to regularly search for the latest news. Instead, it was helpful to those businesses that have requirements for processing industry-specific internal data.  

Till April 2021, we had free access to it for extracting big data. It made the search engine pretty popular and influential among potential users. They could look at anything they want, and the search engine used to deliver a detailed list of information-rich, relevant and clean results. 

What Were The Primary Characteristics Of Yippy Search Engine?

Yippy’s features were highly feasible to use. Moreover, its interface was also user-friendly. The best thing about it was it did not charge a single penny for data searching. This accessibility, affordability, and flexibility are three factors that made Yippy support such a large user base. 

Don’t you want to know what its unique features were? I’m sure you do, and that is why you are here. Let us now quickly check out the critical elements of this useful search engine. Needless to say that  these features made Yippy Search Engine so recognized in the market,

  • For the identification of relevant search results, the search engine used “content connectors.” These connectors were suitable for haphazard data sources to connect non-comparable elements depending on the subject. As a result, unlike Google, it is not entirely dependent on web mapping technology.
  • Yippy promised to provide better information security features than Google. For example, it claimed the use of “field level security” to ensure high-level privacy to the clients’ searches. 

Businesses with complicated IT networks used this in order to secure backdated data sources and protect their intellectual property.

  • Yippy had personalized its search front end through several modifications. This resulted in the generation of distinctive search apps. In addition to these, it also had limitless data visualization features. Therefore, when users uncover clusters, they may display their discoveries in simple ways.

Was Yippy Safe To Use?

This is the last subtopic that we will cover in this article. Although Yippy acquired a significant number of views daily, its privacy needs to be analyzed. Whenever we hop onto a new search engine, the first question that comes to our mind relates to its confidentiality. 

To be very precise, Yippy did not record any user details. They were incredibly fair in terms of data storage and data usage. Therefore, Yippy did not make money by monetizing and compromising data; instead, it earned its corporate services. 

Reports have stated that the company is not engaged in collecting user data, which is a part of their privacy policy. Furthermore, the troublesome matter was that it gathered information related to IP addresses. In addition, it tracked browser language, browser type, few cookies, referral data, and date-time of your search input. 

But, overall, it was powerful and effective for searching big data that many business analysts have applied for their purposes. Thus, it was genuinely ideal for industry research purposes. So, for this particular reason, it was a unique alternative to Google. 


Is Yippy A Private Search Engine?

Yes. Yippy is a private search engine. This is not only a private search engine. This is a metasearch engine. This search engine automatically categorizes the search query results and shows you the search result on the basis of the category. 

The automatic filters are adding up with the individual search queries. And the filters are adding up and showing you the result after screening the inappropriate flag results.

Is Yippy COM Recommended As Safe?

Yippy does not record the user logs. Unlike the other search engines, they use filters and screen the search results. They usually do not do business with the user’s logs. They are making their money by offering corporate services to their users. But they do not focus on monetizing the search data. 

Yippy does not usually record the user’s records and the search data record. This is because in terms of their privacy policies, the user’s information will not be disclosed, and the search results records will not be saved.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know all about Yippy Search Engine, your confusion concerning this must be clear. Unfortunately, the search engine website is no longer in place. So you can say that one of the primary weapons of data scientists has been lost. 

But luckily, as the page retransfers you to the website of Duck Duck Go, we have few words to say about it as well.  DuckDuckGo works almost identically to Yippy. But, do you know the best part? It does not track and store user data, just like the former. 

We are unsure what happened to Yippy, why it stopped working and why its site takes you to Duck Duck Go. Moreover, we do not even know whether its loss is permanent or will come back in the future. But to get more insightful articles like this, keep supporting us.

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