As a key part of digital marketing tactics, content strategy in content marketing is a key component. Utilizing social media platforms for generating ideas is a good way of reaching the audience and boosting engagement with the brand. But how effectively are social and digital platforms utilized in this regard? Let’s find out.

What Is The Key To Understanding Here?

The key here is understanding various kinds of content working best for each platform. It is also imperative to understand which tactics and content marketing ideas will help digital marketers obtain the attention of potential customers.

Leveraging the power of social media can help content marketers create captivating and compelling posts. This can help attract the right kinds of users and keep them coming back for more. Additionally, through monitoring user feedback and comments, worthwhile insights are obtained into the kind of content going with the audience.

This post will help readers and marketers alike explore effective ways to utilize social media platforms for generating ideas for content. This helps support content marketing tactics. Let us now have a good look at the tips and tricks making sure the posts are seen by the right audience, and hence convert into healthy leads for the pipelines (and eventually into sales and profits).

Various Kinds Of Content That Make It Big On Social Media Platforms

Various Kinds Of Content

Without a doubt, social media is itself quite a powerful tool for content marketing. The content posted by users and professionals alike is key to driving engagement. It builds the brand and also helps grow the business. But it should be understood that not all kinds of content are made equal. Some work nicely whilst some falter. It all depends on the social media platform too.

1. Making use of visual content

Images, videos, and infographics perform quite well on social media platforms. They are more than likely to grab users’ attention when they scroll through their feeds. Images and videos help convey information nicely and make it more memorable than plain text. Infographics are supreme for explaining concepts briefly.

2. User-generated content isn’t that bad either

This kind of content refers to those made by users, followers, and/or customers alike. It showcases reviews, testimonials, or social media posts mentioning the brand. This is where user-generated content aids in creating both authenticity and trust. It even encourages engagement as users are brought in to contribute to the conversation.

3. Content that is exclusive (Behind The Scenes)

This kind of content helps provide users and customers a glimpse of the business’s daily operations. It may help give the brand a human element. Photos or videos (like reels) of the team members, workspaces, or production processes are helpful.

4. Interactive content makes it even better

Polls, quizzes, and surveys form part of interactive content which can help raise engagement and encourage user participation. This kind of content is also known to provide worthwhile insights about the target audience’s interests and preferences.

5. Educational content has its noble purpose

Educational content isn’t exactly academic content. It helps solve problems through DIY (Do it yourself) pictures, infographics, and videos which help provide solutions for problems. It not only positions the company as an authority and expert on particular things and topics but also provides the audience with immense value.

Such kind of content can also help drive traffic to the website whilst they seek more information on a certain topic.

Why Does Focusing On Various Kinds Of Content Help?

Focusing on these kinds of content helps in the creation of a full-fledged social media marketing strategy, as explained by digital marketers from a Digital marketing company in Dubai. The strategy should:

  • Resonate with the audience.
  • Bring in more engagement.
  • Drive growth for the business, brand, and company alike.

Yet it should be remembered that all social media platforms are not the same (and they were not made in the same manner). The types of content working best for one platform (say Facebook) may not work well for the other (i.e. Twitter). It is hence essential to customize content to each platform and its audience so the impact can be maxed out.

Key Tactics For Boosting Attention And Engagement On Social Media Posts

Social Media Posts

Making compelling social media posts is good for catching the audience’s attention. It also helps in driving engagement upwards.

Here are some tactics experienced social media marketers have decided to share with us:

A. Captivating headlines are good to use

Yes, headlines are the first thing seen by visitors and users alike. It is hence important to make them as compelling and captivating as possible. Action words, numbers, and emotion-based language can attract user’s interest and encourage them to read more.

B. Utilising eye-catching visual content

Visual content always performs better on social media platforms. Top-quality images, videos, infographics and other media help the posts stand out, and of course catch attention.

C. Keeping it concise

As social media users have brief attention spans, keeping the posts concise is key. Short sentences and paragraphs make it happen. Breaking up the text with bullet points and using emojis sporadically makes it readable.

D. Who Can Ever Forget Storytelling?

Yes, storytelling is a very good way of engaging the audience. It helps create a connection with them. Using stories to convey the brand’s values, showcasing portfolio and sharing user-generated content works quite well.

E. Using calls-to-action

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are key for driving engagement and for making transactions happen. That’s right, they help users sign up for subscriptions. Key examples are shop now, learn more and click here which encourage users to take the next step.

F. Don’t forget hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to raise the visibility of social media posts. They help in reaching a wider audience. Using relevant hashtags that are popular among the audience works quite well in helping posts get discovered.

G. Don’t forget to engage with the audience

Social media is not a one-way channel. It is a two-way conversational channel and for companies and brands, it is worth engaging with customers. Responding to comments, answering messages and queries plus liking, sharing and giving credit to user-generated content is key.


They may sound a bit like a stuck record, but these tactics are relevant, workable and worth the attention and investment. Marketers hence do not need to wait for anything and they can apply these very workable tactics. Their efforts will pay off and they will see their content reaching new heights.

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