• Moz users will now see a new metric called Brand Authority in the new Moz Pro tool update.
  • This new metric will help out businesses to measure the performance of their brand and its index rate.
  • By analyzing this new metric, brands can optimize the ROI, analyze sales prospects, and gauge their influence compared to other brands on the market.

Moz recently rolled out a new update that introduced a new metric on its tool – Brand Authority. This is a new metric that has been introduced in order to help out businesses to evaluate the strength of their brand’s online presence.

In addition, after you use this new metric, you will get access to Moz’s own list of the top 500 businesses in the world that have the best online brand presence and strength. This will allow all businesses to compare their brand presence with other big names and competitors on the market.

This feature is only available on the Moz Pro tool and the Moz SEO API. The data featured in this metric about the business’s brand presence is collected from a research fri min partnership with Moz. 

The Brand Authority metric is expected by SEO consultants to be a boon for PR professionals and marketers. By assessing the brand strength of competing businesses, marketers and brand strategists can come up with new ideas to optimize the branding strategies of their businesses.

This will help companies to increase their return on investment (ROI) by integrating sales with their own branding strategies. This will also help them to analyze new sales prospects and acquisition targets.

Here’s what the Marketing Scientist at Moz, Dr. Peter J Meyers, has to say about this new metric:

By measuring the full power of any brand, including offline influences previously out of reach, users can make more informed decisions and drive better results and higher ROI.

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