Your non-profit organization needs visibility to ensure sustainability. This will not always come on a platter; you must work towards it by investing in the right resources. One of the ways to achieve this (visibility) goal will be by ensuring that your contents are well-placed on search engine result pages (SERP). This is where SEO gets a mention in advancing your brand awareness.

A good SEO framework should ensure that your donation page gets an appreciable amount of traffic and engagement. So, while consulting with that software development company to boost your technological prowess, you should not forget the SEO bit.

And for this moment, let us share some tips on how your page can get more traffic. We encourage you to continue reading to find [and explore] the valuable information in this article.

Top 10 SEO Tactics For Non-profits & Charities To Get More Traffic

1. Formulate Your Content Strategy Around Keyword Research

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Keywords are highly important for those wishing to gain more traffic to their page. The selection of keywords is one of the initial steps for creating content. They somewhat give a clear path to follow when creating content. Hence, you have to develop your content strategy around the right keywords.

This is why you have to research to find the keywords that are suitable for your cause. But it shouldn’t be about suitability alone; you have to be mindful of choosing the keywords that guarantee the best result. Ordinarily, statistical and educational keywords can be very valuable in generating more traffic. However, it would be best if you could resort to some SEO tools that can show you the keywords with good potential.

2. Operate A User-Friendly Site

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Creating a user-friendly site is all about ensuring a quality experience for visitors, and this can contribute to the placement on SERP. There are many ways to achieve this. For one, you should work on the website design, taking care of the aesthetics.

This means you need to invest in graphics and make the site appeal better to visitors. But that’s not all; your anchor text must also be pensively selected. And while constructing sentences, you should ensure the content structure is simple and easy to grasp.

Texts should be broken up as much as possible; you shouldn’t make things clumsy. Your site’s speed should also be optimized to improve user experience.

3. Never Underestimate Local SEO Strategy

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Local SEO strategy concerns having content that reflects or shows your base [of operation]. Sometimes, people search for something online within their area – for example, “non-profits in Los Angeles.”

Anticipating this to create focused content will certainly increase the probability of your page getting more visibility. You can achieve this by inputting your organization’s location into Google Maps or having the organization listed in the local directory.

4. Have A Strong Social Media Presence

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Many non-profits regard social media as a tool to achieve objectives like fundraising, staff augmentation, and so on without taking note of how it can aid SEO. But then, a strong social presence can also do some magic for your SEO objective. This is down to how search engines can identify your social media page links and display them on SERP.

It is, however, up to you to ensure that those pages are engaging and appealing to your followers. A higher level of activity on social media increases the probability of gaining a good placement on SERP. So, you should regularly post interesting/graphic content and interact with the community on social media – with no-holds-barred.

5. Increase Brand Awareness Through Link Building

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Getting the link to your non-profit page into strategic places will be crucial for SEO. It is a very good way of raising awareness about your brand or organization. You can have your site’s link added to some high-authority websites or other sites where your story is featured.

Apart from this, your page can be included as inbound links or backlinks in the website of your partners or collaborators. More importantly, you should be mindful of creating content with great value that others can willingly share.

6. Ensure Content Aligns With A Defined Goal

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This is basically about ensuring that what you have on your page fulfills the search intent [of the audience]. This could reduce your donation page’s bounce rate and ultimately help keep the page at the top.

More so, there is a higher tendency for others to backlink your page if they find it purposeful and enlightening. So, you should stay on course and ensure that the content stays true to the topic or anchor text – no diversion.

7. Find Your Way Into Non-Profit-Related Articles And Directories

SEO standing is boosted as your page or brand gets more mentions. This is another reason you must be value-driven while creating your content. You can directly ask your partners or peers to insert the link to your content into their non-profit-related articles. Optionally, you should work towards having your articles featured in top directories.

8. Leverage Guest Blogging

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You should find a way of creating content for a third-party website; this is what guest blogging is about. That said, make sure you prospect high-authority websites to give you more credence. As you do this, you can get more backlinks – to your site.

You will be raising awareness about your organization through your engagement with the audience on the site you are guest-blogging on. You can run a Google search to find an opening for guest blogging right about now.

9. Run Regular Updates In Relation To Statistical Keywords

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We have briefly mentioned the need for statistical keywords earlier in this article. Dwelling more on this, you will find them more useful as you aim to keep your page updated. This may be as simple as tweaking a few words in your previously created content.

For instance, changing the year to indicate the current year, or writing articles with regard to trends. Maintaining freshness on your page can help drive more traffic to it as it gets optimized for search engines.

10. Consider Translating Content Into Multiple Languages

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There is hardly any limit to what you can achieve as a non-profit in this internet age. You only have to be strategic about how you do things. You can increase your reach globally [through SEO] by translating your content into multiple languages.

The content will be well-placed on the SERP of countries whose languages you adapted your page too – provided they are top-quality content.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will deliver several benefits to organizations across different sectors, and your non-profit shouldn’t be left out. Therefore, you should implement the best SEO practices while creating content. We have communicated this bit in the discourse above, and we hope you will take what you’ve read to heart.




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