If you spend some time on the internet every day, and the chances of this are high, you probably see at least a few banner ads on your screen. Some of us see dozens of them per day. Banner ads are on almost every website, in search engines, and even on social media.

Something so present online makes the perfect tool for marketing your brand. The power of banner ads isn’t just measured by the number of clicks they generate. Even if people don’t click on an ad, it’s enough that they’ll see it all over the web. This does wonder for building your brand’s recognition!

Here comes the most important question – how can you use the little squares and rectangles to boost your social media presence? There are many reasons to have social media ads, but if you want them to work, you need to create them well.  In this article, you’ll learn exactly that.

What are Banner ads?

A banner ad is one of the most common types of advertising online. It falls under the category of display ads.  This is an ad that’s embedded on a website, or a social platform, and appears in different places (the header, the footer, the sidebar, etc.)

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When it comes to the number of clicks and engagement rates, banner ads have smaller numbers compared to native ads. Even so, these are much more widely present. Even if they don’t have the same click rate as native ad units, they are seen online and offline – all across the Web.

The main purpose of a banner ad is to get people’s attention and boost brand recognition. But, this doesn’t mean that people won’t click on your banner ad. If you do it right, you can make many people want to click on your banner ad, which will boost your social presence.

Top Tips For Creating Banners That Work

Now that you know what these ads are, it’s time to learn how to use them to get more clicks and recognition. Here is a list of steps to follow to boost your social presence with banner ads.

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1.  Edit banners with a quality banner maker

The number one way to create a professional-looking, perfectly designed banner is to use a quality tool. Creepy allows you to edit banners with minimal time and effort and deliver something that will grab the attention of your targeted audience and speak to them.

Thanks to features like the smart resizer, which you can use to generate multiple ads at once, you can create your advertisements for a variety of display networks and social platforms. Forget about making everything from scratch – Creatopy also has ready templates that you can customize with high-quality photos, shapes, icons, and illustrations, all of which are included in the tool’s library

2. Make your ads responsive

Responsive display ads are combinations of the same advertisement tailored to fit different campaigns, screen sizes, devices, platforms, etc. If you want to boost your social presence, you need responsive display ads that will fit perfectly into the user’s screen, won’t waste their time, and will provide you with a wide reach.

To make your banner ads responsive, option one is to use features like the one discussed above. The other option is to manually use a bunch of images in different sizes and forms and create a variety of ads to fit different purposes.

3. Target the right audience

People won’t respond to an ad that shows something that doesn’t interest them. They won’t even give it a closer look. No one will memorize it. In fact, if your ads aren’t properly targeted, they will annoy the people who see them.

The recipe for ad success is to target the right audience. When you create this form of ad, it’s important to do a lot of research about who you want to see the audience, what you want them to see, and how you want them to respond.

Basically, you need to define your ideal customer and tailor your ad’s content, design, as well as demographics based on this person.

4.  Keep it very simple

Let’s face it – people will just glance at your banner ad. Few of them will stop to read everything you’ve written in the ad, including the fine print. Only 9% of all display ads are viewed for more than a second and only 4% are viewed for more than 2 seconds. So, don’t waste your time creating tons of content and complex messaging.

That’s not just a waste of time – it’s a sure way to kill the success of your ad, too.

If your banner ad is filled with content and the targeted audience can’t immediately narrow down what it’s for, it won’t have any effect. The idea is to keep it very simple, share only the most important information, and of course – create content and imaging that engages and intrigues.

5. Use the smart layout recipe

What’s the proper layout for a banner ad that you should keep simple, yet informative and engaging? The recipe is three things:

  • The logo of your brand. Include this to increase brand awareness.
  • Value proposition. Tell the people not what you sell, but what value it offers to them.
  • Call to action. Do you want them to like your social page? Do you want them to click and go to your website? Do you want them to make a purchase? Don’t forget your CTA!

There you have it – the recipe that includes everything you need and helps you keep your banner ad short and sweet.

6. Be careful with your visual components

Visuals in a banner ad can include everything from your color palette to the images and forms you add to it. Since you have little room and little time to impress, everything about visual design matters. Your choices are vital in this matter since that’s what will grab the person’s attention and help share your message.

On average, a person sees over 1,700 banner ads every month. They come across these – but they take a real look at only a few. Whether yours will be in those few depends on its design.

When you choose the design for your banner ad, consider these features:

  • Color. Pick a color scheme that complements your brand’s colors. Make sure the colors fit together and don’t make your ad overwhelming. Pick colors that grab the attention.
  • Size and quality. Any media you use in your banner should be large enough to be visible, but not too large. It should have high quality, too seeing how people will see it from different devices.
  • Format. Consider your formats. Will you use rectangular or square?

7. Add keywords to your ad copy

Keywords have the incredible power of ranking you higher in search engines. Your ad will have much better success if the engines and social platforms know where to place it. How do you tell them this?

You do this by finding and inserting the right keywords into your ad.

This will also make it clear to the target audience that you are offering the products or services they need.

8. Measure your banner ad’s success

Your banner ad might not be the success you imagined right away. You might not get enough recognition or followers on social media. It can seem as if you made a bad investment.

Don’t give up just yet. Most people don’t succeed on their first try.

The best thing you can do is measure your ads’ impact continuously. Every now and then, use analytics to see how many people have seen and clicked on your ad. The reports can tell you if you’ve been doing things right or need to make changes.

By checking these numbers, you can see if you need to tweak your ad’s content to include more keywords and rank higher. The number of followers will tell you if this works for your social presence. The number of website visits will tell you if your banner ad convinces people to take action.

Stay creative with your banner ads!

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Remember – this is a work in progress. Banner ads are constant work. Keep tracking your progress and update your designs as often as possible. It might be useful to have some tools in your arsenal to make this faster and more effective. Good luck!




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