The term “cloud computing” refers to a type of technology that allows users to access a variety of computing resources through the use of the internet. All you need to do to connect to the cloud service provider that you use is use your personal computer or mobile device to access the internet. 

After you have successfully connected, you will have access to a variety of computing resources, some of which may include serverless computing, virtual machines, storage, and other components. 

You can obtain a remarkable entry-level job in the field of cloud computing by taking one of the many Cloud Computing courses that are available. And who can hold their own when it comes to the technical aspects more than they are looking for candidates with outstanding educational qualifications.

How To Select The Best Cloud Computing Subject Certifications?

Best Cloud Computing

Your expertise in a specific field or domain can be validated through the attainment of certification. In addition to that, obtaining a certification from an esteemed university, particularly a globally recognized one such as the Caltech CTME, is unquestionably an asset to have on your curriculum vitae. 

This cloud computing course in Chennai includes both a capstone project and more than thirty hands-on industry projects. These projects give you the opportunity to put the knowledge and skills you gained during the program into practice.

This cloud computing subject certification in Chennai covers a wide variety of tools, including AWS (including the Amazon EC2, AWS (Lambda, IAM, CloudFormation) and many more) and Azure, including security center, resource manager, CosmosDB, and many more to come, as well as SQL, virtual machines, and more.

Let us look at the topics and the learning path covered in this particular program:

1. Orientation Meeting

Start the Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing that is being offered in collaboration with Caltech CTME, and learn everything there is to know about the program. Get your journey into the cloud off to a good start with our preparatory courses: Computing in the Cloud: An Introduction, Amazon Web Services Technical Essentials, and Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.

2. PG Cloud Computing Consultant – AWS Solutions Architect

Through the completion of this AWS Solutions Architect training and certification, you will have the ability to design, plan, and for-scale AWS implementations that make use of more than 70 Cloud Computing services. 

This course has been created and also adapted to align with the most recent exam offered by AWS, which focuses on creating Amazon-designated best practices.

3. PG Cloud Computing Certification – Microsoft Azure Administrator: AZ:104

This Cloud Computing certification course will give you access to training for becoming an Azure Administrator. This training will give you a comprehensive comprehension of the various stages of the administrative lifecycle in an Azure environment. 

You will learn how to maintain services related to computing, storage, network, and security in Azure if you take this course. Improve your knowledge of Azure Administrator and get ready to succeed on the AZ-104 exam to become an Azure Administrator.

4. AZ:305 Professional Certificate in Cloud Computing:

Managing Azure resources, setting up and deploying virtual machines and networks, mastering Azure AD, and protecting data are just a few of the more complex tasks covered in this cloud computing certification course. 

The course also covers the basics of cloud computing and how they relate to Azure. You will also learn how to determine the various options for data storage, how to integrate SaaS services on Azure, how to author deployments, and a lot more.

5. The Capstone Project For Computing In The Cloud

This Cloud Computing Capstone project will provide you with the opportunity to put the skills you’ve acquired throughout this Cloud Computing training to use in a real-world setting. 

You will learn how to solve a real-world problem that is aligned with industry standards by participating in dedicated mentoring sessions. The project is the last part of the learning path, and it will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your proficiency in cloud computing to potential employers in the future.

What Are The Elective Subjects?

What Are The Elective Subjects

There are also a couple of electives to choose from. They are:

1. Caltech’s CTME Cloud Computing Master Class

You will gain full knowledge about advancements in the Cloud domain through participating in online interactive Cloud Computing training classes which are led by an instructor from the Caltech CTME. 

You will also gain an understanding of why it is becoming important for any organization to understand and implement skills related to Cloud Computing in order to scale up.

2. AZ:204 Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate 

This training is to get an Azure Developer Certification, which is included in this Cloud Computing Course and is aligned with the most recent (2020) edition Azure Developer Certified Associate exam AZ-204. The existing exam for the 

Microsoft Azure Developer Associate, which is designated as AZ-203, has been upgraded and renamed AZ-204. This test will verify that you have the ability to select, develop, and implement technology solutions based on Azure Cloud.

3. AWS Developer Associate

This training in AWS Developer Associate is going to teach you how to write code and design scalable applications, as well as implement applications of security, testing, and developing expertise with the key of AWS components like S3, DynamoDB, Elastic Beanstalk, and CloudFormation. 

This Cloud Computing Course also includes training in AWS Developer Associate.

4. AWS Sysops

The DevOps Engineer certification cannot be obtained without first completing this AWS SysOps training. 

In this Cloud Computing course, you will learn how to move through on-premise applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS). You will learn how to control the flow of data and learn from AWS. 

How to be a master in the AWS management console, Then how to implement an operational cost-controlling system, and know how to enhance your ability to efficiently leverage Amazon Web Services resources and services.

5. AWS Database Migration

Learn how the AWS Schema Conversion tool operates and gain an understanding of how the AWS Database Migration Service supports both homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations. 

Gaining an understanding of how simple and safe it is to move databases onto the cloud is an important step.

6. Training For Architects On The Google Cloud Platform

You can become a certified Google Professional Cloud Architect by completing the Google Cloud Platform GCP and an Architect certification program offered by Simplilearn. This program will equip you with the necessary skills for advancing your career in cloud architecture. IAM, networking, cloud storage, and many other topics are discussed throughout the course.

7. DevOps On Cloud

The DevOps on AWS certification training offered by Simplilearn is designed to expand your knowledge of both technologies by teaching you advanced techniques for using CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, and CodePipeline to automate continuous delivery and integration for your application.

Why Should You Enroll In The Cloud?

Enroll In The Cloud

A cloud career is one of the best decisions you can take, given the global interest in cloud computing.

Chennai, being one of the cities in India that is bustling with the activity of various information technology and software companies, is ideally poised to be a part of this future. 

As a result of this, numerous highly regarded organizations are actively searching for skilled candidates who have successfully completed cloud computing training in Chennai. PayPal, Dell Technologies, Logitech, and Standard Chartered are just some of the major companies currently searching for qualified candidates in this area. 

Cloud computing is being adopted by businesses all over the world in order to cut costs, improve collaboration, realize greater flexibility, scalability, and security, and increase their Return on Investment (ROI). 

As a direct result of this development, there has been a sizable rise in the demand for cloud professionals. 

Wrapping Up:

Therefore, if you want to improve your career prospects and keep up with the rapidly evolving IT industry, you should educate yourself on cloud computing. For selecting the cloud computing courses, always match the qualities, then select the best one which is going to match your qualities.

Which certification courses are you going to select for yourself? You can share your opinion through the comment sections.




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