Which User Characteristic May Not Be Used To Change Keyword Bids In Google Ads?

The options are :

  • Device type
  • The time of day
  • Location 
  • The ad preference

Explanation Of Which User Characteristic May Not Be Used To Change Keyword Bids In Google Ads?

The correct answer for which user characteristic may not be used to change keyword bids in google ads is the ad preference. The ad preference option does not come under the bid adjustments options. With a single word, you can call the ad preference ad personalization. But this ad preference is managed by the users.

As with the ad preference, you will get multiple options for personalized google settings. This is the solution, but before that, you have to first look at the definition of the Ad preference and the functionality of the ad preferences.

The bid adjustments are letting you adjust your bidding based on a specific area, time, and advertisements niches. So you can change your bid to show up your ad more or less frequently based on these particular locations.

Bid adjustments are the best solution when you are going to have very few chances of clicks. But in your advertisements and promotions, you want to see minimum numbers of clicks and increase the chances of clicks.

Let’s see first what ad preference is.

What Is Google Ad Preference?

Google Ad PreferenceWhen google using your browsing data on your partner websites and the application for showing your advertisements on that specific place.

The users can personalize the Google ad preferences. And when you are personalizing the ad preference, Google will show you the specific data on your particular Pc where you have the google account.

After you are personalizing your ad preferences, google is going to show you the filtered result on the basis of your modifications. And deliver the ad results which are more useful for you.

Now let’s see what the bit adjustment is and how it is connected with the preferences.

What Is Bid Adjustment?

Bid AdjustmentA bid adjustment is going to allow you to adjust your advertisement showing frequency. After you change your bid settings, you can show your ads more or less frequently based on the people’s search time and locations. You can simply increase the percentage of the bids or decrease it.

When you want to adjust and control the performances of the individual advertisements, this bid adjustment process is going to minimize your efforts. Based on your individual advertisement performances, you can adjust your bids. This process is directly influencing the ROI and increases the return value.

How Are The Bid Adjustments Working?

How Are The Bid Adjustments WorkingNow you know which user characteristic can not be used to change keyword bids in google ads. But how these bid adjustments are actually working. When you are adjusting the multiple numbers of bids, you will achieve multiple types of functionality to adjust your google advertising preferences.

In a standard way, the four types of bid adjustments are used in campaigning. Check here for the details.

1. Ad Scheduling Bid Adjustment

When you are adjusting your single bid, you will adjust your bid and apply a single condition. Therefore you want to get some clicks during your worst timing.

You can adjust your bid setting and adjust it with -70%. And during that period, your bid rate is going to be reduced. Hence your bid rate is going to become 30% of the present rate. As your bid rate is going to be reduced by the price, your click chances are increasing.

2. Mobile Bid Adjustment

When you are making more than two bid adjustments, it is going to affect the keywords of the advertisement. Suppose when you are going to find that on the specific medium you are targeting to get more benefits, you can set your bid to 20%.

After you adjust your Bid in the particular medium, the bid will be more effective working on that specific medium.

Suppose you are changing your bid and make your advertisement more effective for mobile users. And for the particular device, you can increase or decrease the ad showing frequency.

3. Location Bid Adjustment

You can make the three bid adjustments and increase your ad performances for the specific locations and the cities. You can improve your ad performances based on any particular area and the towns, so if you want to increase your advertisement performances by adjusting the bid.

These three bid adjustment techniques are the best suitable option for you.

For the best result from the specific locations in the geographical area, this bid adjustment is more effective.

4. 100% Bid Adjustment

You can simply entirely turn off all your keyword bids. You can do this type of bid adjustment through 100% bid adjustments and turn off all of your keyword bids for any specific locations and devices.

When you are using the bid adjustment, your campaigning works are never going to the normal process.

By every step, you will adjust the bid and improve the performance of the campaigning works. Based on your target, you can adjust your bid as many times we have seen the targeting audiences are getting changed, and based on your bid adjustment, you can change your targeting audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we wrap up, here are some answers to frequently asked questions from the audience.

1. What Factors Influence Keyword Bids? 

Things that matter are competition, how related your keywords are, Quality Score and how you plan to pay. Better ad placement can come from high bids, but they are not the only reason for an ad to succeed.

2. Is There a Lowest Price for Keywords?

Google Ads doesn’t have a set lowest bid. For ad showing, the needed offer relies on things like Quality Score and competition in the auction.

3. What is Quality Score and How Does It Affect Bids? 

The Quality Score checks how important your ad, keywords and landing page are. Having better scores can result in reduced costs for each click and top spots on ads.

4. Can I Set Different Prices for Hitting Various Devices? 

Yes, you can change your bids for different devices. This lets you add or remove bids for search on phones, computers and tablets.

5. Do Keyword Bids Influence Ad Location? 

Yes, more offers can help ads be in better spots. But other things like Quality Score also matter a lot.

6. How Often Should I Check and Change Keyword Bids? 

It’s advised to often check and change bids according to how well they do. Use data for this step-by-step guidance process. The time might change depending on the objectives of a campaign and how much competition there is.

7. What Happens if My Offer is Less Than Competitors? 

Your ad might get less seen and you could lose views to rivals that offer more money. It stresses the need for careful bidding.

Wrapping It Up

Ad preference is the correct answer of which user characteristic may not be used to change keyword bids in google ads. Ad preference is the best way by which the users can personalize their ad preferences and improve the functionality of advertisements.

The users are seeing the ad preference and modify it to change the frequency of the advertisement appearing ratio. So which bid adjustments are you using to increase the performances of your ad campaigning? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections.

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