One of the best professional networking sites out there, LinkedIn, has more than eight hundred million users located in nearly 200 countries. However, if you have been looking for professional networking opportunities avidly for some time now, then you must have come across at least a few LinkedIn competitors out there. 

Today, we are here to tell you about the top competitors of LinkedIn out there! Keep reading to find out the top LinkedIn competitors in 2022!

Competing With LinkedIn? Top 10 Linkedin Competitors In 2022:

The perfect world doesn’t exist. Instead, every business is competing with others in their industry, striving to make a difference. Today, finding a job can also be a competitive affair, and you will encounter competing brands at every stage – not just in terms of hiring but also in terms of the platform where you find the job. 

Yes, LinkedIn is amazing and all, but there are several competitors to LinkedIn in the market at the moment. So let’s check out some of the top LinkedIn competitors in the market today – without wasting any more time, simply scroll down to find out now! 

1. Bark

Key Highlights:
1. Has more than 5 million users in more than 7 countries globally.
2. Decreases the search time of users.
3. Connects professionals with organizations looking for similar services.

Founded sometime in 2014 in London, Bark happens to be one of the top LinkedIn competitors out there currently. So if you have been seeking any professional’s assistance, then Bark might just be the platform for you. A leading professional platform globally, Bark currently has more than five million users located in more than 7 countries. 


Bark can decrease your search time and help you out in various fields such as gardening services, wedding business, and even home-oriented work. The basic purpose of this platform? To connect expert professionals with the people in need of the services offered by those professionals. 

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2. Opportunity

Key Highlights:
1. Located in more than 190 countries globally.
2. Provides job opportunities and generates leads.
3. Connects users with professionals in various industries.

Another alternative to LinkedIn, Opportunity, was also first launched in 2014 in California. A platform such as Opportunity helps people who are on the lookout for relatively deeper connections. You can do so much with a platform like Opportunity – from applying for great jobs to developing leads. 


Simply put, Opportunity is great in conducting professional matchmaking of sorts. With a solid global reach in more than 190 countries, Opportunity connects users with the appropriate professionals in different industries. With this application, users can look for job opportunities, apply for dream jobs, and find out methods for developing leads. 

3. Xing

Key Highlights:
1. Has more than 17 million users in Germany, 1.4 million in Switzerland, and 1.6 million in Austria. 
2. Old alternative of Hamburg.
3. Enables professional networking, news sharing, and seeking job opportunities.

First launched in 2003, Xing happens to be an old alternative from Hamburg. Moreover, Xing happens to be one of the top LinkedIn competitors because it is also a social networking site for professional purposes. Xing allows its users to do required networking, share vital news, and of course, seek job opportunities. 


Xing happens to be a pretty popular social networking platform for professional purposes, considering it has developed great reach in countries such as Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. While Xing has more than 17 million users in Germany, 1.4 million in Switzerland, and 1.6 million in Austria, we can safely say that this platform is on the rise!

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4. Meetup

Key Highlights:
1. Launched in the same year as LinkedIn.
2. Users can build local communities.
3. Enables users to find and learn new opportunities.

While talking about professional social networking platforms, we simply can’t miss out on an application like Meetup. Hailing from the City that Never Sleeps or the Big Apple (New York City), Meetup was first launched in 2002, the same year even LinkedIn was launched when you think about it. 


The purpose of Meetup? Users are on the platform for personal networking and, of course, for meeting business requirements. While users mostly rely on Meetup for finding and learning new things, you can also use the same for building local communities. Meetup, thus, can be used as one of the LinkedIn learning competitors!

5. Slack

Key Highlights: 
1. Brings people, tools, professionals, and information together. 2. Can be used for both professional and personal reasons.
3. Virtual workplace for online networking.

Slack is a pretty cool application considering it’s a kind of centralized collaboration or professional hub which brings together people, professionals, tools, and latest information for doing your job with perfect finesse. One of the top LinkedIn competitors out there, Slack makes life easy for professionals. 


Simply put, Slack creates a virtual workspace of sorts for businesses and employees to collaborate on different tasks – the platform also happens to be the perfect choice for doing online networking. Several groups actually use Slack as a messenger-based mobile and desktop app for sharing a blend of private messages and public posts. 

6. Reddit

Key Highlights:
1. 7th best professional networking platform.
2. Enables users to build a niche community.
3. Provides information about technology, literature, pop culture, and news.

If you have a habit of spending time on the internet regularly, then you must have heard about Reddit. Some of you have perhaps used the same as well. Launched in 2005, Reddit happens to be a top Linkedin alternative, considering the platform has risen gradually over the years. Moreover, the platform also happens to be popular amongst users!


In the United States of America, Reddit is not just a popular platform, it also occupies the seventh position among professional networking platforms. On Reddit, you can easily find large communities and forums where you can talk about anything and everything, such as pop culture, news, technology, literature, and more. 

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7. Indeed

Key Highlights:
1. Has more than 250 million users globally.
2. Enables users to seek, monitor, and, apply for new jobs.
3. Makes space for both employees and employers.

Another famous LinkedIn alternative happens to be! Have you ever heard about or perhaps used it? If you haven’t, then you must consider checking this crazy application out soon! is pretty popular, considering it has more than a solid 250 million users!

Indeed enables users to seek, monitor, and of course, apply for new job opportunities. On this platform, you can open an account as an employer looking for good candidates as well as a job seeker looking for great job opportunities. So it’s developed in a way as to make space for both employers and employees – very similar to LinkedIn, isn’t it?

8. Jobcase

Key Highlights:
1. Provides blue-collared job opportunities.
2. Developed for working professionals in service-based industries.
3. Empowers the modern workspace.

Jobcase happens to be relatively new on the scene but nonetheless has managed to become popular in quite a short period of time. First launched in 2015, Jobcase is more like a niche alternative to LinkedIn. Amongst all the LinkedIn competitors mentioned in this list, Jobcase is perhaps the unique platform. 


Jobcase is particularly for professionals working in the service industry – thus, this one is for all of you looking for blue-collared job opportunities. A self-stated platform, Jobcase aims at empowering the modern workspace for both employers and job seekers! 

9. Sumry

Key Highlights:
1. Helps users to build work portfolios and resumes.
2. Highlights the user’s expertise, certifications, education, and work experience.
3. Provides introduction opportunities even before you can send in your official job applications.

One of the world’s first and top introduction tools, Sumry uses the unique story of the user for building better connections. The application actually helps out users online in building resumes and work portfolios. Sumry also highlights the user’s certifications, education, expertise, and work experience. 


Moreover, Sumry also highlights recommendations from other users who might have collaborated with you professionally on previous projects. The moment you will come across a suitable job opportunity, the platform will provide you with an introduction opportunity even before you apply officially. 

10. Viadeo

Key Highlights:
1. Has around 64 million users, 2,700,000 companies, and 30,000 groups.
2. Enables users to do personal profile hosting.
3. Most popular professional networking platforms in France.

The top LinkedIn competitors are not just networking applications with great job opportunities. There are applications that also act as competition to individual features of LinkedIn – for example, LinkedIn sales navigator competitors or LinkedIn learning competitors. Viadeo is one such application that includes managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. if what you’re looking for isn’t among these, you are always welcome to login to Sales Navigator


With a solid 64 million users, 30,000 groups, and 2,700,000 companies, Viadeo enables users to do personal profile hosting, regulating their address book online and helping them stay connected with all their contacts. The application happens to be one of the most popular professional networking platforms in France. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to LinkedIn Competitors mentioned below. 

1. Which App Is Better Than Linkedin?

One of the most popular alternatives to LinkedIn in the market at the moment is AngelList. It is easy to use and happens to be an effective networking platform for helping job seekers to connect with different organizations seeking employees. This entire hiring process is, of course, free of cost. 

2. Which Social Media Site Is The Best For Professional Networking?

One of the best social media apps out there is LinkedIn, especially for professional networking. This networking platform must not be avoided by businesses or even individuals. With nearly 500 million users of the platform, LinkedIn happens to be an effective platform – people, however, are still not using the same optimally.

3. What Is The Best Professional Networking Site?

The best professional networking sites are as follows,

  • LinkedIn,
  • Udyomitra,
  • Meetup,
  • Xing, and
  • Angel List.

4. What Platform Is Better Than Linkedin?

The alternatives to LinkedIn are as follows,

  • Meetup,
  • AngelList,
  • Opportunity,
  • Slack,
  • Xing, and
  • Jobcase.

And It’s A Wrap!

As the world keeps evolving, people’s business requirements can no longer be solved with the help of one professional networking platform – we do need more! This is why you need a few LinkedIn competitors for making life better – a larger number of platforms would mean more job opportunities! 

Check these platforms out today, and let us know your experiences of using the same in the comments below!

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