Which Of The Following Is A Benefit Of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

  1. Reach out to potential customers actively looking for your product or service
  2. Create different types of ad formats to show to potential customers
  3. Target people based on their interests and habits
  4. SEM is a lot cheaper than any other advertising medium

Correct Answer – Reach out to potential customers actively looking for your product or service

Have you ever stuck into the question of Which of the following is a benefit of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? Well, almost we all have. Here let us take a look at the overview of SEM and its benefits.

We all have witnessed the evolution of marketing strategies through the years. Previously it was almost the traditional kind overall, but now digital marketing is taking over the whole marketing world. 

And we are talking about digital marketing, and if you know even a little bit of digital marketing, then you have surely heard of the terms SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM, etc. 

These all might sound very similar or might carry very close similarities, but still, there are a lot of differences. Here we will mainly talk about the SEM. What it is and how does it work?

What Is SEM?

SEM is the acronym of Search Engine Marketing. It is simply the paid online marketing procedure to increase search visibility. 

Previously SEM used to be introduced as a big roof and all of SEO, PPC, etc used to come under it. But with the passing time, now SEM refers to the paid search only. 

SEM is the procedure of marketing a business through paid advertisements on the search engine result pages(SERPs). Advertisers go through a bidding strategy to set their budget and then create ads that would show up whenever a user would search for something with a related keyword to their business or service.

SEM is often called pay-per-click or PPC marketing. This is a great way to boost your website with instant traffic and generating qualified leads. 

In a highly competitive market like today’s, where every business or brand is doing their best to gain the best result and win the race, it is highly necessary to opt for Search Engine Marketing as an important part of their branding techniques without a doubt.

Types Of SEM Ads

As we already mentioned earlier, that in one word SEM refers to the paid advertising on search engines. There are different kinds of SEM ads. Let’s have a brief look at it. 

Text ads – It is the types of ads that you would see on the SERPs when searching with a definite keyword. Generally, in these kinds of ads, you would see an “AD” icon just next to it these are called search ads

These are called search ads. You will find these kinds of ads almost in all kinds of searches. These are mainly text-based ads.

Product ads – This is just another type of ad. It is fully related to product listings. If someone is looking for a product they are planning to buy, then every time they make a search query on the search engine would show them a list of sponsored products. These are called Product ads.

SEO vs SEM: What’s The Difference?

Although both SEM and SEO sound the same, there are differences between them. Here let us talk in a brief about that.


SEO means search engine optimization. It is the task that we do to build our website healthy. It is the organic or unpaid strategy that we use to bring traffic to our website and build good metrics. 

There are two types of SEO. On-page and Off-page SEO.

On page – It is the task that we do inside our website to make it search-friendly and create better visibility on SERPs. On-page refers to the tasks like adding meta description, focus keyword, meta tags, inside the website.

Off-page – It is the SEO strategy that we do outside of the website. It refers to creating backlinks, directory submission, ad campaigns, etc. 


As we said, SEM means Search Engine Marketing. It is the paid strategy to increase the visibility of a website. SEM is a combination of both SEO and PPC. 

Here you have to do both the on-page tactics and create the paid campaigns as well. SEM is highly effective for selling your products or services online or to generate leads. It is instant and more customer-centric.

Benefits Of SEM

There are several benefits of SEM that would add up a lot to a user. These are as follows.

  1. Reach out to potential customers actively looking for your product or service
  2. You can reach to your audience instantly.
  3. SEM increases brand awareness.
  4. Users can target their audience and other demographics as per their needs.
  5. SEM ads are easily manageable.
  6. Users can generate huge leads.  
  7. Pay only when viewers click on the ads.
  8. Stay ahead of the competition.
  9. Results are trackable.


Now you know the answer Which of the following is a benefit of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? Hope this article helped you find your answer.

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