When you have a website, the first thing you should think about is to make it as impressive as possible. That way, you will attract potential viewers and customers to your business. If your website is not impressive enough, then the trust in your product will be decreased. Let’s Find Out which reports indicate how traffic arrived at a website?

Making a website good requires a lot of designing, planning, and execution to plan and design the perfect website to attract more and more customers to your product. But in the making of this website, you should understand to make it alluring and professional at the same time.

You should always remember the rule of thumb when it comes to website traffic, “If someone is looking at your website, then they are interested in what you have to offer.” In this article, we are looking at website traffic and which reports indicate how traffic arrived at a website?.

Why Is Web Traffic Important?  

Why Is Web Traffic Important

The simple explanation for website traffic is the number of users or visitors visiting your website. The number of visitors that you can gauge at one point directly impacts the effectiveness of how your business is able to attract more and more audiences.

The number of visitors depends on which search engine, Google, Yahoo, or Bing, you are getting the visitors to your website. Traffic is simply the daily number of visitors who are visiting your website.

There are certain ways through which you can increase the numbers, like easy navigation through the website, high-quality helpful content, highly attractive. But the main question remains why is web traffic important and which reports indicate how traffic arrived at a website? So to know the answer to the question, just keep on scrolling through the article.

  • The traffic helps you to know what your target audience really wants and are looking for, and how they are interacting with the content you are publishing.
  • If actually gives you a proper insight on how your audience is finding your website.
  • Website traffic is a help in understanding and knowing who your target audience is and based on that you can make your content.
  • For the purpose of SEO, website traffic is very important, to see if people are finding your website easily or not.
  • Website traffic helps you to build authority and trust with your audience. If people are visiting your website they expect you to know what you are talking about on your website, and that builds trust.
  • Web traffic is crucial to build brand awareness as well. There must be a reason people are visiting your website and that helps you to build a brand identity and connect with your audience.

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Web Traffic Sources  

If you are looking for different sources for web traffic then you should know that there are many sources of web traffic. Some of these sources are social media, paid advertisement, display ads, referrals and mobile apps as well.

1. Organic Search Traffic  

Organic Search Traffic

The organic ways of search are by using search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, etc. They are known as organic searches as people do these on your website, on their own.

2. Direct Traffic  

Direct Traffic

In this type of web traffic accumulation, the companies directly link their website to the target audience and that way you can just type their URL to the browser to check out the website.

3. Referral Traffic  

Referral Traffic

These types of website traffic comes from websites that refer your website to their audience, this is called referral traffic. It is possible that the audience saw ads for your website or products on some other website and through that they visited your website.

4. Social Traffic  

Social Traffic

The type of traffic that comes to your website through other different social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or even Pinterest. These type of traffic only works if you have a strong following on these social media platforms.

5. Display Advertising  

Display Advertising

There are a lot of website traffic potential through the display ads on websites, these traffic are are by using Google AdSense and Chitika.

How To Access All Traffic Report In Google Analytics?  

The ways through which you are able to get the All Traffic Report in Google Analytics are stated below.

1. All Traffic Report  

All Traffic Report

There is a particular way from where you can access the traffic report from Google Analytics. They are divided into seven different types and three broad categories as well, which are Acquisition, Audience and then Behavior.

The website traffic report comes under Acquisition part.

  • First log into your Google Analytics with proper credentials.
  • The on the left part of the page click on ‘Acquisition.’
  • Then click on ‘All Traffic Report.’

There are four different types of reports that are come under All Traffic Report portion, which are.

  • Referrals Traffic
  • Organic Traffic
  • Social Traffic
  • Direct Traffic

The All Traffic Report part has many different features like,

  1. Transaction Status Tabs
  2. Filters
  3. Time Zones and Date
  4. Plotting Area
  5. Data Field for Plotting
  6. Data Table
  7. Group By
  8. Plot Rows

2. Landing Pages Report

Landing Pages Report

The process of landing page report indicates that page, from  where the audience first arrived to your website. The exact path to access the report is,

Behavior – Site Content – Landing Pages

These report usually give you a proper overview on the most sought-after webpages on your website, and give you are segregated data of visitors in a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Showing the following are important.

  1. Pages Per Visit
  2. Average Visit Duration
  3. Percentage Of New Visitors
  4. Bounce Rate

3. Referrals Report  

Referrals Report

Through this report you get the top three references that brought visitors to your website. The referrals include everyone from social media, search engines, blogs, or even other websites.

4. Active Users Report  

Active Users Report

As per Google Analytics IQ, this particular report shows you who visited your site and that to when in a period of time. This way, the retention rate of mobile apps and websites are measured properly.

5. Real-Time Report  

Real-Time Report

Through this report you can track the audience and visitor who are in your website in real time through Google Analytics. You can get a report of everything that is happening in real time in your website.

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Wrapping Up!  

With the help of Google Analytics, you can track your website traffic quite easily. It is a free tool that allows you to avail this tracking service, so that you can find out the web traffic of your websites.

So now if you got the answer to your question which reports indicate how traffic arrived at a website?, then give us a like and comment down below.

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