It is not rocket science to craft a perfect landing page for the campaign. The most important thing is to get a high converting landing page. It goes beyond designing something that has a beautiful look. You have to do some research to meet the expectations of your clients.

In this article, we will look at how you can unleash your landing page and demystify the process. However, there is no standard manual on how to create a perfect landing page. However, a few practices can help you to get the best results from your landing page.

Perfect landing pages vary depending on your target audience. Each of them will have a different niche to address, different service or product to offer, different reader in mind and a different call to action to drive.

However, we have some unifying elements that define a perfect landing page. Even though there is a huge potential for variations, a few things will remain constant. This post will be giving you some of the common practices that define a perfect landing page. However, it is good to start by defining what is a landing page.

What is a Landing Page?

There is a big difference between a landing page and the other pages on your website especially the homepage. The primary goal of a landing page is to increase the conversion rates so that you can reach your business or market goals.

A landing page can either be your homepage or any other page within your taxonomy. It can also be a stand-alone page that you create for a particular product, sale, or campaign. You should not confuse the landing page with other pages in your website as most people do.

It narrows down to how you find the page and why it exists. On most cases, people find homepages through social media or word of mouth. However, you will find landing pages organically using high ranking search engine results and keywords.

The homepage is a gateway to the rest of your website among other reasons. In most cases, you promote your landing page through services like Google AdWords and its primary goal is to convert. It can be your homepage as long as you set it up to increase your conversions.

Benefits of Having a Perfect Landing Page

The primary benefit of a landing page is to increase the rate of conversion. However, we have several additional benefits that come with landing pages. These include;

  • Getting SEO Ranking:

SEO Ranking

Landing pages are designed to target a particular set of search items. You promote them using paid boosting techniques such as Google AdWords. It enhances the ranking of the landing page and hence your sale, promotion, or product will get in front of people who are looking for similar topics.

  • Promotion of Upcoming Sales or Products:

A landing page focuses on a single sale, product, or promotion. It resides outside the taxonomy of your website with the primary purpose of passing across a message.

Consequently, it moves one marketing goal or particular sales to the foreground to increase conversion. It gives website owners an opportunity of isolating and tracking the success of a particular goal, product, or set of keywords.

  • Makes the Process of Subscribing/Buying More Efficient:

High converting landing pages act as a portal for efficiently moving visitors down to the funnel. Instead of people stumbling upon your call-to-action somewhere in your homepage or right rail, they will get it on your landing page and proceed to join, buy, or subscribe.

How to Create a Perfect Landing Page

The starting point is to determine the purpose of your landing page before you start putting everything together. Your goals could be promoting a discount on your subscription service, promote a new product, or grow your email list.

Once you know your goal, you can think about how will craft your message. Your offering should be able to solve somebody’s problem. It can begin with keyword search i.e. what people type in the search engine when looking for a solution that your products can offer.

Once you have the right goal, keywords, and message, you can now begin to put your landing page together. Some of the elements that you need to include in the landing page include a sales pitch video, CTA, and a form.

Here are some of the elements that define a perfect landing page for the campaign;

1. Have a Killer Headline for Your Landing Page:

Everything begins with the headline including understanding, attention, and interest. The heading will compel your visitors to stay and learn about what you are offering. A poor headline will make them go away with immediate effect.

The best headline will grab the attention of the reader. It should give your readers some insights about your products and services. Make your headline short so that it does not exceed 20 words and a limit of 10 works well.

You won’t go in a lot of details in your copy if your heading compliments the image that explains your product or services. The headline should be sweet, short, and get to the point quickly. The visitor should know what your company offers as soon as he lands to your landing page.

2. Persuasive Subheads:

A perfect landing page should also have subheadings. If the headline makes your visitors look, then the sub-headlines should make them stay. These two pieces of copy define the success of your landing page.

You need to place the persuasive headline directly below the main headline. All the subheadlines should possess an element of persuasiveness. Users should get more insights about your products from the sub-headlines. It will motivate them to click on your call to action button.

The headline of the main page has larger fonts and central positioning. The subheadings normally highlight the general idea of the main heading. Persuasive subheadings will give your visitors a delightful customer experience.

You should make sure that you are arranging your headlines in the right way. There is no specific formula that you need to follow when writing copy for your landing page. The most important thing is to arrange your content in a way that will effectively explain the products you are offering.

3. Pictures:

Visual content has a critical role to play in the design of landing pages. According to research, the human brain processes pictures 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore, the images that are on your landing page will immediately affect your visitors. It is wise to choose images that have a large size.

The pictures that you choose should be relevant to the products and services that your site offers. In case you are selling physical products, including the real images of the goods on your landing page.

These images will help you in grabbing the attention of your viewers and demonstrate relevance. Make sure that you are using high-quality and relevant images on your landing page. However, don’t feature your last-minute Photoshop jobs or stock photographs in this place.

Images are the first thing that those people who visit your website process. Therefore, photos have the ability to process the impression of your visitors before they even begin to read your copy. Make sure that you are creating an awesome impression.

4. An Explanation:

The landing page should communicate your offers in a clear manner. Your target audience doesn’t understand your products and services; you will lose them. Therefore, it is crucial to have a straightforward explanation on your landing page.

You can integrate your explanation with the headline or keep it completely separate.  These explanations have to be benefit-oriented. Explanations should have a functionality that is tied in favor of your users. Therefore, you don’t need to separate some of these explanations from your main headline or sub-headline.

Explanations are not standalone elements but one of the goals that your page should accomplish. All the elements on your landing page work together to provide a clear picture of your products and services.

Therefore, it is good to keep everything straight when dealing with explanations. It is good to make your copy unique and fun. However, clarity should be top on your priority list. Images can also help you in providing these explanations. It is easier to understand these explanations than relying on text-based ones.

5. Something About Pain:

I know this statement may sound to be vague for most of my readers. Most human beings naturally want to avoid pain. When you cause a person to think about his or her pain, they will begin to look for relief from that pain subconsciously. Therefore, it becomes very easy to convert such clients.

To achieve this objective, mention something that the person will lose and not just what he will gain. The loss aversion theory states that people more likely to anticipate the pain of losing something than they feel the pleasure of gaining a thing of equal value.

Thus, it feels good to get $100 but the pain of losing the same amount of money is double the pleasure that we receive. Let your testimonials have some pain references and remind the same in your copy. Pain is one of the most powerful elements for human beings and we need to convey it in a trustworthy manner.

Make it clear that you have a solution to this pain. You should not state a problem without offering a solution. You can begin with an interactive element like a question. A perfect landing page should state the challenge and the solution that your products provide.

6. Include Something About Pleasure in Your Landing Page:

As said earlier, human beings are pain-avoiding animals. These same human beings are pleasure-seeking machines. The desire to gain pleasure motivates all human beings and this comes in different forms.

You can incorporate pleasure in your landing page in two different ways. You can show your target audience that having your products or services is a by-product of pleasure. Also, show them that your product meets their emotional needs beyond its functional role.

For instance, let us think of a person who is selling medication for athletes. From the outside, you are just selling pills. However, you have to communicate to your readers the joy, relief, and freedom that comes with your products. You can apply this principle to any product or service that you are selling to create an effective landing page.

7. Methods of Contact:

If you have a legit business, put it clear on your landing page. Some of the methods of contact that you get on persuasive landing pages are the contact form, email address, physical address, and phone number. You can also include popups where the customer representative asks your visitors if they need any assistance.

It goes a long way in strengthening the trust that your customers have in your brand. It also eradicates frictions in your conversion funnel. It will give your target audience an assurance that they are dealing with a real company. In most cases, it involves a phone number and physical address. Featuring live chats in the popups can be of great help but is not a must.

8. Include a Guarantee in Your Landing Page:

All customers love guarantees as it gives them a reassurance when they are on your landing page. This word in itself will increase your chances of conversion. These guarantees can take several forms and you need to choose one that works well for your brand. Some of them include money back, satisfaction, or no spam guarantee.

Put your guarantee statement next to the call-to-action. It will give your potential clients the last bit of reassurance and prepare them for conversion.

9. The Landing Page Should Have a Powerful Call-to-Action:

A call to action is the most important element if you want to create a perfect landing page. After all, the primary reason for creating a landing page is to drive the attention of your audience. The CTA is what will ultimately convert your visitors.

The best practice is to make a big CTA that has a compelling copy. Use persuasive, exciting, and explosive words in preparing your CTA. Use a button and a contrasting color to make it more functional. Make sure that the customer will find it hard to ignore your call to action.


The primary objective of developing a landing page is to increase the level of conversion. It is the place where people buy, customers click, and you earn revenue. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are getting it right. The above tips will make sure that you have a perfect landing page for a campaign.

Call to Action:

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