• X will soon launch a few new safety features for advertisers to safeguard their branding data.
  • X will improve their features like Adjacency Controls and automate Sensitivity Settings, which aim to improve the adjacency protection of advertisers.
  • To pull this off, X will enter into a partnership with their new safety partner – Integral Ad Sciences.

X (Twitter) has received a lot of backlash from advertisers as their new policies affected them a lot. With Elon leading the company from its top, its new policies seem to bring the business on a steady slope of decline.

However, after X lost half of its ad revenue last month, the company wants to make things right with the advertisers after the backlash it received for limiting daily views for users. Therefore, the company has decided to introduce some necessary (and beneficial) changes for advertisers on the platform, starting with brand safety features.

The first improvement in line is expanding the adjacency controls. X will now extend its adjacency protection tools, which will provide advertisers with more control over their use of X’s branding tools, along with making their data safer as well.

So far, these changes have been tested out with feedback from 1,900 global advertisers. Most of these advertisers have given this thumbs-up feedback after leveraging it for their own branding efforts on X.

X has done so after coming into an exclusive partnership with IAS (IntegralAd Sciences), a company specializing in brand safety. IAS has reformed the branding tools of X to provide advertisers with more control over the predicted impact of their digital ad campaign on X. In addition, it also makes it cost-effective for advertisers as well.

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