If you want to get on with YouTube featured channels,  then this is the best time. You should immediately start thinking about how to promote it.

Why do you need to learn how to feature other channels on YouTube?. Because YouTube is the second-largest platform visited on the web and in a day we spend six hours on that video watching platform. Therefore if you want to be famous or even want people to know your name at least, there is nothing better than YouTube. 

In this article, we will be talking about how to feature channels on YouTube, in a detailed way. How to feature a channel on YouTube 2019 tactics is different from 2021. There are new tactics that help in promoting YouTube channels and maximize the viewership. Whether you are serious about promoting your channel or just to see how the numbers tick further, these tips will help through. 

How To Feature Channels On YouTube

Feature Channels On YouTube

Here are the tips which you can apply while featuring a channel on YouTube. Follow them thoroughly and at the end of this article, you will be able to get familiar with how to feature a channel on YouTube. 

1. Engaging Content- How To Feature Channels On YouTube 

Whenever you are about to do YouTube marketing, it is all about presentation. The titles that you will choose for your videos will say a lot about the content in your video, therefore if you have the wrong title, then viewers won’t even spend 2 seconds on your channel. 

People look for entertainment, their genre can differ though. When you are giving a title that does not match your video content, they will never subscribe to your channel. You have to come up with a catchy yet matching title because a title is a make or break for your channel. 

2. Optimize For Visibility- How To Feature Channels On YouTube 

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the entire world. Just like people search for stuff on Google to get their problems solved, the same thing happens on Youtube as well. You must give thought to optimizing your content in terms of tags and keywords. 

There are some ways with which you can make your chances to show up. 

  • Engagement- YouTube uses engagement via comments and views, which helps it to see where videos rank. 
  • Title and description-  use the keywords of your content in your title as well as the description 
  • Mention the keywords – if you mention your keywords in your video content, like when making a dialogue use them in that. In this way, the viewers will understand and confirm that this video is absolutely based on the title. 
  • Tags- use tags as it helps to give YouTube more context on your content. 
  • Categories- use categories so that YouTube gets a better understanding so that they can identify people who want the particular content. 

3. Figure What Audience Wants- How To Feature Channels On YouTube 

You should always keep this mind that whatever your content is about, it is aligned with what your audience wants. Whether you are writing a blog or a post make sure you are writing it for the audience. If you are new at starting your YouTube channel take a quick look at all the other content people have created who you think are your competitors. 

Or you can simply look at your YouTube analytics. You can only see the analysis if you have uploaded any videos. YouTube gives you detailed information on the demographics, engagements, locations, and a few more statuses. You can also try other strategies and see how the content is stacking up. 

4. Make Friends With YouTube Community- How To Feature Channels On YouTube 

The platform represents a community where users are engaging via content, profiles, comments, and likes. Any sort of interaction between you and your viewers is a positive signal for YouTube. Engaging with your customers or audiences can foster stronger connections. 

As much as you can interact with them, the more they will know about you and your channel, therefore your content. Eventually, you will gain subscribers as they will refer your channel to others if only you give them the content they want.

5. Customize The Thumbnails- How To Feature Channels On YouTube 

If you create a custom thumbnail, you are actually one step ahead in promoting your YouTube channel. Think of something that you can use as a thumbnail. Make sure it grabs the attention of viewers. It is the default setting of YouTube that snaps a screenshot from any given video which they use as the thumbnail. 

If you recreate your own thumbnails, it is not only to catch the attention of the viewers but also to show how professional you are in this business. Making a thumbnail is not rocket science, you simply create your own template using fonts you like, to make it consistent. 

6. Do Cross-Promote Your Videos – How To Feature Channels On YouTube

There are plenty of chances where you may have worked on similar topics and now they are overlapping each other. 

For example, you can squeeze your older content and cross-promote the videos when it starts making sense. How would you do that?

You can also make reverse video in your YouTube channel.

You can drop links in the description section of the video and ask the viewers to check them out. It is quite normal to get upset about the recent removal of Youtube’s annotation system, but you can still link it in your description and ask others to check it out. 

7. Aim for the Google Search Results – How To Feature Channels On YouTube 

Youtube is amazing when it comes to SEO. you know that right?

You should not create content for search engines rather get your YouTube channel featured with SEO in mind. 

While you are making use of this tactic, make sure you are specifying the product reviews. Videos that cover keyword-specific topics tend to rank well and fast. Suppose you are strapped for content ideas or maybe into capitalizing trending buzzwords, you can definitely consider that through your YouTube channel marketing.

How To Boost Your YouTube Strategy?

Boost Your YouTube Strategy

Here are the ways through which you can boost your YouTube channel. To learn How To Feature Channels On YouTube you must maximize your hard work with these guides. 

  • To create your YouTube channel for business, you need to set up and perfect your business channel. 
  • To write YouTube descriptions separate your videos and make sure viewers are able to easily find them. 
  • To boost your video rankings get to know SEO in order to meet audience needs.
  • Hashtags increase video views therefore learn how hashtags work on YouTube and attract more viewers. 
  • While you are optimizing your video performance, use YouTube analytics

Wrapping It All Up 

Here you go with How To Feature Channels On YouTube along with how to boost your YouTube channel as well. 

Since YouTube is a large video watching platform, you will need unique tactics to promote your own YouTube channel, as there are billions of YouTube channels before you with similar topics. Find ways to become unique. 

Leave a comment in the comment section and let us know how helpful is the article.

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