When it comes to Marketing attribution it is all about science and analyzing marketing that leads to website conversion and online buy. 

It helps the marketers in identifying the direction taken by customers before purchasing from the company. 

If your company can obtain a multi-touch attribution model then the business as well will obtain a deeper understanding of the target market and can improvise marketing performances particularly. In this article we are about to talk about  what can you learn from attribution reports?

Importance Of Marketing Attribution

If you don’t quite understand what is driving your marketing attribution performance, then you will never know where to put your marketing budget. Once the team you have formed grasps the way of reporting from consistent algorithm attribution.

You will realize quickly that there are better ways that you can use to do a marketing budget. You will find several models of attribution.

The most common and known attribution type is ‘last-click attribution. its job is to give you and your company all the revenue credit for whichever marketing touch was the last in the customer’s journey.

 Even being simple to handle last-click attribution doesn’t always tell the entire story, that is why keeping an Attribution report that contains all major and specific attribution types is very important.

What Can You Learn From The Attribution Report?

What Can You  Learn From the Attribution Report

Attribution reports teach us how to make informed decisions. All different attribution models have their own different stories to tell. 

You need a standardized report every time so that you can count the day-in and day-out. Soon your eyes will catch interesting patterns in attribution types. 

What Is Paid Search?

What Is Paid Search

Paid search stands for marketing tactics that the advertisers pay to search engines so that they put an ad on SERPs. These ads are about pay-per-click, which means that businesses will only do SEO when their ads will be clicked.

Paid search isn’t an impactful channel for clicks but efficient enough to bring consumers a business funnel. They can have more revenue by investing in Paid search. 

Paid Search is a part of what can you learn from attribution reports?

Which Two Of The Following Statements Are True About Attribution Reports?

Which Two Of The Following Statements Are True About Attribution Reports

App conversions and Store visits, both are not included in the Attribution reports. Attribution reports are very important in businesses because it teaches you to understand the way your attribution model might influence conversion reports. 

Driving More Conversions With Attribution Reports?

A successful Attribution provides value in both soft and hard ROI. it will be quick for you to gain insights that will make a quantifiable difference in your revenue generation and marketing optimization.

Few value marketing attribution stretches all the way from strategic decision-making to the company’s C-suite.

Here are some ways in which your company can benefit from marketing attribution.

1. Identify The Channels That Make A Big Contribution To The ROI

This data helps in the marketing mix and also identifies and campaigns.

Channels should be continuously integrated into the customer journey.

2. Relocating The Marketing Budgets And Improving ROI

If you increase the speed in sales where revenues are efficient then you will be able to increase the marketing ROI as well.

3. Spotting The Weak Links That Are Causing Customers To Leave The Journey

This can happen due to:

Ineffective messages

Poor calls 

Gaps in data

Once they are pointed out the marketing team can go through A/B testing or other ways.

4. Developing New Strategies For Down Funnel

There are certain channels and campaigns that are successful while they are paired together. If you pair them, like this you will be able to prioritize it in the consumer journey.

5. Assimilating Offline Data For Comprehensive Views

Mails and phone calls are important in the customer journey, but without data points and marketing attribution it won’t work. You have to use tools with offline data, with which you will be able to achieve the right data insights. 

6. Making Informed Marketing Decisions

It makes your insights strong and reliable, which further leads you to better-informed decisions. With this process you will be guiding your marketing strategy in the right direction.

Here is how you will drive more conversion in the topic of what can you learn from attribution reports?

How To Create A Useful Marketing Attribution Report?

How To Create A Useful Marketing Attribution Report

The first thing you need to do is set an Attribution model in Google Analytics or in any other analytics platform. Your business has to choose the attribution model that will align you with your marketing goals and KPIs.

Once you are done with the attribution model, you have to wait for two weeks for the initial data to be available. Wait till 30 days for the marketing data to be available on your analytics platform. You can check for these data on the Google Analytics dashboard. 

Using Google Analytics you can change the attribution model and create your own model. You can keep them changing as many times as you want , but take breaks for 30 days to collect the data. Remember if you change the model before even hitting the mark the data reports will lose their value. 

Tools To Support Marketing Attribution

The best attribution reports are given by using tools or software that allows you to obtain comprehensive marketing data. Make sure that you use these tools for your business.

  1. Get a CRM, which will handle all your consumers and leads along with their data.
  2. Get Google Analytics that will consolidate your multi-channel performance and will generate attribution reports. 
  3. Get call trafficking software, with which you can fill the gaps of offline data.
  4. Get Bambora and analytics software as well, with its help you can catch the leads and the types of engagement that your customers want from your business .

Remember if you use the right tools, it will make a difference.

Here are the tools mentioned and elaborated that can be used to support marketing attribution and also helps to understand the topic of what can you learn from attribution reports?


In this article we have discussed Attribution reports along with learning about it. We have also discussed Paid search and how to drive conversions. If your business is interested in learning all these and as well apply them properly, then this article might be helpful to you. 

Leave a comment down in the comment box or you can come up with queries regarding attribution reports. 

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